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Tracey Ash Retreats and Hotels are a Spiritual and Travel Revolution. Our Tours and Retreats are BOOKING NOW

We are leaders in the field of retreat, travel and consciousness design and innovation. Habu Hotel Ecolodge is the first ecolodge of Luxor. We support responsible tourism, spiritual revolution, natural farming and traditional cuisine. We serve our global and local communities. We protect equality, history, culture, creative and spiritual innovation. We have created seventeen hotel rooms and events-space available for hire. The Ark Abusir is a pioneering project created at a unique convergence of ancient gateways on The Pyramids Field, Cairo. It is a purpose built retreat and events-space in front of Abusir Pyramid Complex. A panoramic Pyramids Field roof events-space is available to hire.

Teacher and Influencer, identifying parallels on ancient Egypt and Consciousness

Ash is a new era spiritual teacher and influencer. Why she has been invited to the United Nations. Her specialisms merge consciousness, Ancient Egypt and worldwide ancient sites. Since 2007, she has produced retreats and events to inspire, transform and unite individuals, businesses and organisations. 

Ash was invited to the United Nations in 2018. She defines a new era of consciousness and ancient history to enhance integration and understanding of life, spirituality, metaphysics and human origins.

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