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You will explore more than ancient Egyptian history and discover relevance today. Humanity dreams of sacred existence and meaning, perhaps more than at any other time of human history.


There are pyramids valley temple complexes, over 100 Osirion shafts at Giza Necropolis. At Saqqara, the Pyramid of Djoser, a complex network of tunnels travel three hundred metres beyond the construction. We can not understand this without without diving into The Pyramids Texts, or Book of The Dead.

THE QUEENS' TOUR 7-14 February 2022

When we speak of the Great Queens of Egypt. WhenWe are reminded of deified women. Woman initiated as Goddesses. May we remember exceptional sacred and sovereign paths, Nefetari as Hathor, Cleopatra as Isis,

Mission Statement

Our greatest battle is in the eye of this storm of humanity as we battle to restore human value and truth.Original thought, innovation, shared resource, mobilisation.

The Ark is located in front of Abusir Pyramids Complex. She supports new earth mobilisation and Ancient Egypt reserach. The Ark’s sister-project is Habu Hotel & EcoLodge, in front of Medinet Habu, Luxor. She is Creator of The Ark Magazine.

She is author of WoundWeaver,<br /> Reality Revolution, Celestial Healing and Life Vision. She was invited to The United Nations in 2018 for her unrivalled fieldwork in contact and metaPhysics. She is an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan.


1999-. Her talent was promoted to senior sensitive and an international career in Japan, China, Egypt, UK and USA. Ash works alongside the giants of our industry and is regarded as one of the best metaphysics and Ancient Egypt specialists in the world.

About Tracey Ash

An ascension, time-lines metaphysics specialist since 1999, Ash lives in Egypt. Her Ark Project is located in front of Abusir Pyramids Complex. She supports new earth mobilisation and Ancient Egypt reserach. The Ark’s sister-project is Habu Hotel & EcoLodge, in front of Medinet Habu, Luxor. Ash is an innovator and influencer of the new era. She promotes original thought and spiritual values to transform our world. She revolutionises with new era training, retreats and events. Her journeys of time-travel and sacred intelligence awaken magic and force of change.

“Tracey Ash is known as a New Frontier Teacher, a High Frequency Catalyst, a Visionary of Life Purpose as well as a Researcher and Author. Well, let me tell you she is all of this and more! And how lucky we were at ‘Conscious Living Events’ in Bournemouth to have Tracey Ash all to ourselves for a w…

Claire Quartel, Creator of Conscious Living Events, UK

“Wow! That was an incredible session full of life-changing insights. I’m really excited about the future. I feel like my life and work have been this difficult unsolved puzzle and Tracey has come in and placed the pieces so they finally make sense and fit. She’s really is tapping into something so c…

Simon Wilson AUS

“I have known Tracey Ash for over 10 years, first I had yearly readings which were always amazingly accurate, relevant and helpful. No wishy washy blurb, light, clean and clear direction instead. For the past three years I have also been attending the life vision and awareness schools.The monthly cl…


Thank you Tracey! The school, meditation exercises & experiences have been life changing! I don’t expect for many people to understand or relate, but I feel you might; so I wanted to extend my experience with my thanks. Something we touched upon during my reading is my interest in exploring my first…

Shannon, USA

“Thank you soooooo sooooo much for your wonderful and immense teaching over weekend and also giving me the opportunity to feel what it is like to live in 5D grounded in everyday every moment and even to be a light worker …..!!!!!”

Ayako Aguri, Healer, JAPAN

“Your healing qualities and love and those of the pyramids and temples we visited, released a lot of tension build up during a life time, took me much deeper into the anatomy of my soul, brought it more alive and grounded me much more. It’s a magical mystery tour, well organised with much love and ca…”


“Just wonderful experiences and saw many images and got many messages during the meditations. It was a really extraordinary tour.”

Keiko Kasuga, Life Coach, Japan

“Forever grateful for your dedication and way showing.”

Angie Collins, Yoga Teacher, UK

“Thank you so very much for your outstanding workshop yesterday. I’ve had some fabulous feedback from my team, as well as some of the guests. Everyone was in awe of your energy and totally inspired by the deep insights you shared.”

Conscious Living Events

” a high frequency, fast track life changing upgrade to a truer version of Self, I cherish every discovery in the space Tracey held open for us.”

Sylviane Giannini, Yoga Teacher & Astrologer, France

“I have been on a spiritual journey for the past six years and been seeking and trying everything I could find and Tracey’s teachings in the experience with her in Egypt has had more impact than all the other things put together. Egypt with her has had a tremendous impact in every area of my life. …”

Nancy B.Westfall, Artist, Atlanta

“Tracey is bringing so much to our conference. We just LOVE the energy Tracey shows up with…and you will too. So very fortunate to have this incredible lady in Australia for both the Cosmic Consciousness and the Close Encounters Conferences. Don’t miss this opportunity of being up close and personal …”

Kathryn Hand, Creator Cosmic Consciousness Conference & Close Encounters Conference AU


In 2020, Ash began creating social impact projects built upon ethics, and grass-roots change. Habu Hotel EcoLodge is the first ecoLodge of Luxor. We support conscious tourism, natural farming and traditional cuisine. We help our local community. We protect talent, equality, history, culture and innovation. We have seventeen hotel rooms, apartments and live-in work-space. The Ark Abusir is a pioneering project for Cairo and Ash. The Ark Abusir was created at a unique location. A unique convergence of ancient gateways on The Pyramids Field. It is a purpose built retreat and events space in front of Abusir Pyramid Complex. We can host roof-top gatherings for 100 people and create ultimate retreat concept and experience for sixteen people.


MIRACLES FACEBOOK COMMUNITY brings  together extraordinary ambassadors of