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Since 1999, more than 12,000 Life Vision consultations have been experienced by individuals and thought leaders from all over the world. I hope to always inspire greater lives, purpose and potential in superb, practical information in super-transformation. This has led me to work in UK, Japan, Europe, Egypt and Dubai. I love working with visionaries of change. Individuals who are searching for and creating new structures for a new world and humanity whether you change the game plan of how you parent your children, or choose to finally be loved and loving or pioneer big picture change. The purpose is no less important- it all ignites positive change. People fascinate me. I love doing consultations that unlock lives! One inspired aspect of my readings is business and career development where readings can take on design and structure of career and business even down to brand image!

Super-Energy Mentor, Catalyst and Awareness Teacher, World-class Psychic and Visionary on your Life Purpose. Tracey delivers large-scale seminars +120 participants and live stage audiences 500+ Super-Awareness, Super-Energy and Life Purpose, New Humanity Change, firing the hearts, imagination and energy of those she touches in her life and work. AWAKENING INDIVIDUALS TO BE THE CHANGE!!!! Director of Life Vision School, Psychic School, Be The Change Programmes, Conscious Retreats, Life Purpose Consultations world-wide, College of Psychic Studies consultant and teacher from 2000-2014, Number 1 teacher SJ, Japan, Mind Body Spirit Festival London Presenter 2012, 2013, 2014, Mind Body Soul Experience Presenter 2014, TV and Media include Channel 4 Cutting Edge, The Evening Standard, The Daily Express, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Kindred Spirit Columnist (2007).

It is time, to use what we know in the human potential fields- to create groundbreaking vision that is POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE WORLD CHANGE! Anyone can do this! Small roles can be amazing roles!

As we unlock super-transformation and super-mediation technologies, we unlock a whole new game plane to create positive change beyond arduous self work!!! Self is free to create positive change and a vision that benefits future generations!!!! THIS IS NEW! And this is SUPER-ENERGY! IT CHANGES WORLDS AT SPEED!


Tracey has 30 years experience of training, researching and working in human potential worldwide! You will ignite excellence whether it is The Psychic School, Life Vision School or Conscious Retreats at earth power sites!


“One certain factor is those who truly heal and awaken are those passionate and motivated to do so. Purpose is discovered in healing and awakening- freedom and peace is found because there is no other choice but to become greater. Awareness and responsibility become incredible journeys of personal choice. I have always been fascinated in AWAKENING BEYOND, ENERGY BEYOND, MISSION BEYOND and the HOW TO achieve this.”

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