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WORLD-CLASS HIGH FREQUENCY CATALYST & TEACHER, VISIONARY OF LIFE PURPOSE & DESTINY…I am passionate about excellence and magnificence. Since 1999, more than 14,000 Life Vision consultations have been experienced by change-makers from all over the world. I hope to inspire and unlock your greater purpose and magnificence. Since 1999, I have worked with conscious individuals who love and know positive change is the key for the times we live in now. These individuals are aware of the urgent need for positive change and at the same time, are battling out-dated, limiting stories. The high-frequency template is mission and purpose in neutrality, positive and good. Practical information is combined with superb high frequency transformation in consultations and mentoring. Magnificent training in simple, precision techniques and technologies that deliver in life where change is essential.

UK, Japan, Europe, Egypt and Dubai. I am passionate about working with new structures for world and humanity whether you change how you parent your children, or choose to finally be loved and loving or pioneer big picture change. Not one positive and good individual is more important. We can all change our stories and ignite positive change but we must action it. It is time, to re-design human potential and create groundbreaking vision of POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE CHANGE! Train in new templates of high frequency transformation and meditation technologies. Unlock a new game plan beyond arduous self work that can impede your dreams! ONLY THEN IS self free to truly benefit others and future generations! THIS NEW HIGH FREQUENCY TEMPLATE CAN DEMOLISH OLD PARADIGMS, STRUCTURES & REPEAT HEALING AGENDAS. You can learn how to switch on THE SOURCE CODES & HIGH FREQUENCY, AWARENESS, ACTION, MAGNIFICENT PURPOSE & POTENTIAL and even SUPER-RELATIONSHIPS in ground-breaking frontiers of love.

I expose truths on ‘how to’ our change stories, re-framing awareness potential in critical individual responsibility and world peace awareness. Groundbreaking meditation & transformation technologies, high frequency living, new humanity and planetary healing, our cosmic origins, high-frequency mission and positive individual action are key in these modern-world-effective training programmes. She is a passionate change-maker for a world of solutions and peace for future generations.A maverick pioneer and investigator in a new frontier of super-energy, Tracey cuts through illusion and time served up by pain and conflict cycles addiction and poor approaches that collude to distract your magnificence and outstanding purpose in every area of life. Tracey is a master energy technician and knows how to maneuver and modify stories fast in high frequency resolution. She is a passionate world-class teacher, sharing groundbreaking technologies in healing and awareness training excellence for every day.

Since 1987, I have trained in schools of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Shintoism, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Visual Entrainment, Western Meditation Technologies, Visualization and Positive Thinking, Shamanism, Subtle Energy Healing, Traditional Mediumship, Trance Channeling and Lucid Dreaming. Born in 1969, I have always seen and experienced other dimensions and wished a new story for humanity and earth. My life has taken me from humble beginnings to international teacher working with individuals who know magnificent stories are possible. Large-scale seminars +120 participants and live stage audiences 500+ ‘Super-Awareness’, ‘High Frequency’ and ‘Life Purpose’, ‘New Humanity Change’, firing the hearts, imagination and energy of those she touches in her life and work. AWAKENING INDIVIDUALS TO BE THE CHANGE since 1999. Director of Life Vision School UK & JAPAN, Psychic School UK & JAPAN, Be Change Programmes, Conscious Retreats, Life Purpose Consultations world-wide, Tree of Life Presenter, College of Psychic Studies consultant and teacher from 2000-2014, Number 1 teacher SJ, Japan, Mind Body Spirit Festival London Presenter 2012, 2013, 2014, Mind Body Soul Experience Presenter 2014, TV and Media include Channel 4 Cutting Edge, The Evening Standard, The Daily Express, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Kindred Spirit Columnist (2007).  She is a member of PSI Science Institute Japan with two accepted research papers on the subjects of consciousness and meditation technologies. This elite group of world-class scientists in Tokyo are involved in researching her ESP abilities. She has collated a world-class library of film and photography during her journeys to ancient sites around the world documenting The Source Codes. She is passionate about excellence and understanding miracles of human consciousness. She believes miracles of consciousness are now urgently required for radical positive planetary and humanity change with individual responsibility as critical.

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN CELESTIAL HEALING- The Source Codes for High Frequency is published in 2015 by Findhorn Press.

“One certain factor is those who truly heal and awaken are those passionate and motivated to do so. Purpose is discovered in healing and awakening- freedom and peace is found because there is no other choice but to become greater. Awareness and responsibility become incredible journeys of personal choice. I have always been fascinated in AWAKENING BEYOND, ENERGY BEYOND, MISSION BEYOND and the HOW TO achieve this.”

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