Our retreats are led by Ash's legacy of excellence, purpose, service and social impact. We offer intelligent retreat programs defined by practices of silence, reflection, listening and spiritual cleanses. Detoxing with our natural healing menu, raw juice combinations and herb healing. Specialist menus are available including V, VG, LF, GF.

Our progressive retreat concepts are designed for privacy, seclusion, restoration, recalibration, creativity and soul connection. You sleep in our retreat-hotels on the ancient gateways of Luxor, Ancient Thebes. You revive and heal in ancient history, restorative sleep, stillness, nutrition and spiritual practices. 

Your retreat experience is further refined by ancient intelligence, earth sciences and ancient gateway architecture that enhance personal and collective unified field. Thus delivering revolutionary biological and psychological restoration and breakthrough.

Our retreats are a personal and collective game-changer resolving trauma, wound, ego and adverse matrix programs. Birthing soul as the resource of social and creative impact. Soul transcends ego and matrix. Soul Awakening synthesises as the new building blocks of humanity whether you seek personal or community breakthrough journeys. Your spiritual and healing experiences are further enhanced with artwork from our Creatives Residency Program and our conscious healing interiors. We ease Modern World. Our Arks are medicine. Our retreats are your revolution.

Aware of counter-culture mainstream spiritual trends Ash refuses to sell out. She is dedicated to Peace Activism.

‘People who are truly dedicated to a new humanity synchronise with spiritual truths and service paths. This is the first initiation. It is not for everyone. ’Ash

About Habu Hotel EcoLodge

Whether you are wandering the world, seeking magic, or time and traditions that stop, we will show you an Egypt that you can never find in mainstream tourism. My dream is ancient history and sacred magic. We travel you through history, food, music, place and good company to enter an Egypt that will change and inspire you forever.  We are naturally farming and sourcing. We cook only Upper Egyptian cuisine with a menu that inspires foodies from all over the world. We time travel you in the delicious and authentic. We are a film location, retreat, weddings and events facility like no other in Egypt. Our sister project is The Ark Abusir.

Habu Hotel EcoLodge s the first ecolodge of Luxor. Imagine an historical hotel where ancient Egypt merges with legendary archeologists and explorers. Luxor surpasses even the new Grand Museum. Here you travel in time, walking in the footsteps of legendary Kings and Queens to know the spirit of ancient Egypt and the eternal souls of the pharaohs. This is after all the largest open-air museum in the world.

We travel through time in Habu Village. The villagers are unchanged by modern world, natural farming is the way of life .Our modern lives crave the simplicity, beauty and peace of The Ma’at. We can imagine our lives in new ways because we immerse in another world. We heal. We revolutionise our dreams and values. Nothing compares to magical travel. We help you make your dreams of ancient Egypt come true. We produce quality tours that can immerse you at night in iconic ancient temples. We produce quality tours, ministry of antiquities sites permissions, with a network of professionals dedicated to Egyptology, Culture and Tourism. 

Ash’s Story

‘I discovered a destroyed hotel wanted to be restored in January 2021. As I was out walking in the surrounding ancient sites. i would often stay in Habu, come for a day and it would become a month. I was not looking for a project but I knew it would be mine. I was guided to enquire if the first hotel of West Bank would accept a new owner. One who loves traditional mud-brick architecture. I promised in my dream of owning it. I would restore it with sacred spaces and beautiful objects.’

We began creating a dream project built upon conscious tourism, spirituality and traditional cuisine. We dreamed an ecolodge to support the local and global community. We have built upon tradition, vision and innovation. We have seventeen eco-rooms for reset stays, live-in workspace, retreats and large group events. Our residence programs supports wellness and creativity.

Co-Director Mohammed Sayed shares this vision for conscious tourism. Time has has stood still for this hotel, one hundred years and we have restored the ambiance of previous times and regeneration for our village. It is only possible to step inside this remarkable history in only a handful of historical guest houses on the West Bank, Luxor. 

Nothing excites us more than time-travel. It brings ancient histories alive. You can rest in our stunning Theban Mountain view rooms and step in silence onto the roof where. Mohamed said 'It is just like staying in the Medinet Habu. From our gallery of rooms, you see the colour, scenes and registers of hieroglyphs in exquisite detail. There is the pause of time, where you you realise you finally appreciate ancient Egypt.' 

‘I walk between the ancient sites, it is Medinet Habu Temple that lights perfect views and sacred inspiration. I sit looking at the beloved Theban Hills, dreaming of histories and meeting the legendary Kings and Queens .This is the way way to step inside the ancient magic through the deified souls of kings and queens. It takes my breath away that Egypt gives us so much. ‘ Ash

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