Ash's Global Track Record

Since 1999 she has delivered a global service to humanity. Ash is dedicated to personal and collective evolution in a trail-blazing legacy of ancient gateways retreats, training events and conferences in UK, Japan, Egypt, Dubai, USA, China, Australia, and Europe.

Our Unique Retreat Hotels in Egypt are a Spiritual and Travel Revolution

Our retreat programs are led by the foundation and reach of purpose, service and social impact. These intelligent retreat programs are defined by practices of silence, reflection, listening and spiritual cleanses. Detoxing with our natural healing menu, raw juice combinations and herb healing.

Sessions that Change Our World

Ash’s Specialisms include healing to wholeness and sacred existence, psychology and stories reset, challenging blind karmic loops, toxic programs detox and unhealthy attachments, repeat drama responses, soul contracts, extreme high sensitivity spectrum, false programs transformation, ancestral trauma reset, sovereign protection, timelines recalibration, negative karmic gateways closure for individuals and property, adverse energies removal.

Soul Things Spotify Podcast

Ash & Martin dive into Soul Things. The enigma of soul intelligence beyond mind games.

Working and Creating a Revolution With Us- Please Read

All projects we advise and produce must be aligned with soul journey, quantum revolution and service to humanity traced to original creation prophesies of humanity and original gatekeepers. Our clients discover us through blinding energetic resonance, shared spiritual ethics and human values, and through Ash’s community of global spiritual wisdom and service. Please contact us for our events and retreats production costs.