Since 1999 Dedicated to Humanity

We are committed to global education and integration of progressive spiritual values.

We are committed to consciousness, spirituality innovation, social impact and greater quality of existence.

We are committed to greater understanding of your mission, global unity and mobilisation.

Ancient Egypt Research 

Ash combines an ark of knowledge on ancient Egypt, human origins, ancient gateways and consciousness. 

Retreats and Events 

Our retreat projects and events are held in chosen ancient gateways to initiate the soul architecture of change. 

Working with Artists, Influencers & Organisations 

Our partnerships include Habu Hotel EcoLodge, The Ark Abu Sir, Imagine One Earth and in-house Creative Residencies aligned with our values systems. Here are some of the organisations we have worked with Emoto Organisation, Dr Bruce Lipton, Foster Gamble of Thrive, Izabela Uchman, Jackson Martin, Elizabeth, Tengotu Itu, Mominoki House, Shiroh Tenge- Sony Ceo, EVlovesNYC, Conscious Life Expo, Laura Eisenhower, New Living Expo, Dr Linda Backman & Dr Earl Backman, SJ, EL AURA, ANIMONE, CHANNEL FOUR, The College of Psychic Studies (1999-2015).

Science & Research 

Ash is an honorary associate of PSI Science Institute Japan, and researched by Emoto Organisation, Rupert Sheldrake and SPR. She was invited to the United Nations in 2018.