Dedicated to Building New Earth

We are committed to truth, disclosure of history and timelines.

We are committed to the education and integration of sacred values.

We are committed to consciousness, social impact and life quality.

Since 1999 dedicated to building a global legacy of wisdom, education and training supporting reality revolution.

Since 1999 committed to mysticism, genius and consciousness via The Ark Education Portal, global partnerships and retreat-hubs.

Since 1999 committed to your mission, global unity and mobilisation.

Consciousness in Ancient Egypt Fieldwork

As a mystic and wisdom keeper Ash combines an ark of knowledge on ancient Egypt and human origins, ancient gateways, metaphysics and quantum field. Based in Egypt, she uniquely combines research with training gateways results for genius and visionary change. 

The Importance of Ancient Gateways 

Our retreat projects and events are held and broadcast from ancient gateways. We are conscious of eco and individual and collective social impact.

Working with Artists, Influencers & Organisations

Our social impact projects and collaborations include Habu Hotel EcoLodge, The AbuSir, The Ark Portal, Imagine One Earth and in-house Residencies aligned with our sacred values systems. Partnerships include IONS, Emoto Organisation, Dr Bruce Lipton, Foster Gamble of Thrive, Izabela Uchman, Jackson Martin, Elizabeth, Tengotu Itu, Mominoki House, Joel Beverley Artemes Global, Shiroh Tenge, Sony Ceo, EVlovesNYC, Conscious Life Expo, Laura Eisenhower, New Living Expo.

Science & Research 

Ash is an IONS Research Partner. She is an honorary associate of PSI Science Institute Japan. She has been researched by Emoto Organisation, Rupert Sheldrake and SPR. She was invited to the United Nations in 2018 for excellence on consciousness and contact. Her commitment is to excellence within all training events, tour and retreat processes.