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1-677-124-44227 184 Main Collins Street, West Victoria 8007 Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00, Sunday CLOSED
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  • We honour building Sacred Humanity and New Earth.
  • We are committed to raising consciousness. Our track record since 1999 continues to dedicate to world-class consciousness training in  a revolution of awareness and contribution, mysticism, new humanity ascension technologies, sacred contracts, ancient intelligence, woundweaving and false matrix programs detox. Toxic Programs are insidious anti-evolution resources despite current information portals. Our training is designed to push awareness ceilings and dissolve/remove toxic programs and false ego attachments/projections. This is revolutionary as The Ascension demands acknowledgement of personal and mass manipulations, false attachments/projections. This shows up in blindly accepted faux values/attachments/stereotypes. We pledge to evolve your awareness, frequency, light, mission, community and global mobilisation. 
  • We are committed to Earth. Our events honour spectacular power-site-gateways. We are conscious of earth. We sacred respect ancient traditions, ancestors and wisdom keepers. We are global leaders in ancient sites and planetary grid quantum technologies to prepare you in The Ascension.
  • We are committed to Evolution. We promote greater global unity and community wisdom. Our trining initiates pro-evolution-footprint, progressive education portals and creativity. Our training activates awakening and metaphysics dedicated to dissolving The False Matrix via truth and self-responsibility beyond low impact unrealistic trends. Five decades of ascension gifts track record is shared.
  • We consider health and well-being of our community. As guardians of New Earth and Future we are Protectors and Guardians of this mission we tackle human inequality and suffering. Abuse/toxic addictions/hijacks/cults will not be tolerated as sovereign freedom and safety of individuals within our community is protected. Our training programs require your pledge to truth and self-responsbility. 
  • We bring you next level tools to survive and dissolve False Matrix Agendas. With your agreement we bring you into your sacred power and embodiment of pro-evolution dreams and world. This is a co-creative journey of long term mentoring and learning. 
  • We create responsive community events to resolve manipulation, disaster and suffering. Community events include Global Ascension Project, Dreaming New Earth, GATE.