Transformation Specialisms include soul work, psychology reset, matrix and karmic loops, toxic programs detox, repeat drama responses, soul contracts, extreme high sensitivity spectrum, matrix programs transformation, ancestral trauma reset, sovereign protection, timelines recalibration, negative gateways closure for individuals and earth. 

Visionary Specialisms include soul work, soul contracts, creative, business and career innovation and mapping.

Mentoring Specialisms include personal and organisation innovation and training.

Wound Weaving 50 minutes

Wound Weaving travels the timelines of your journeys. WoundWeaving aids your peace and resolution of trauma. An authentic healer will witness your pain and suffering. An authentic helper has walked before you and will walk with you to unlock the sovereign gateway to heal you. WoundWeaving specialises in psychology and stories reset, challenging blind karmic loops, toxic programs detox and unhealthy attachments, repeat drama responses, extreme high sensitivity spectrum, incarnation trauma origins and resolution, biological trauma and extreme healing crisis such as critical Illness or soul crisis. Sovereign Empowerment and new earth initiation- millennials and conscious individuals who request intensive matrix detox to materialise next level mission, intelligence and service.

Ash’s Specialisms include destiny and mission, timelines analysis and quantum field initiation, sacred love, business, career and new earth innovation, ethical spirituality, conscious humanity gateways, new psychology, genius and original thinking in any field.

Destiny Reading 50 minutes

Imagine an Oracle who travels your destiny. Reads your timelines. Accesses your dreams of a sovereign existence. Individuals seek the vision of an Oracle when the path is less travelled. Oracle of this calibre will describe the magic of your soul, your unacknowledged human intelligence, potential and existence.  An Oracle of this calibre will read the perfection of your akashic chronicles detailing the mission of your life and signature of incarnation. An Oracle of this calibre will access and initiate your mission, your most innovative soul journeys that sacred call you into profound existence whether your focus is love, service, service to family and community, or creating impossible dreams. An Oracle of this calibre will identify your current life situation. Practical analysis is presented with logic and detail that initiates new gateways of time.

Ash’s Specialisms include sacred contracts, genius initiation, ethical spirituality foundations, quantum field initiation, programs and systems purification and innovation, advanced intelligence, advanced quantum field integration & metaPhysics sciences. 

Personal and Organisation Mentoring 50 minutes

Mentoring initiates new psychology methods to release original thought and innovation in next era consciousness and spirituality. The next era is reality savvy and engineered to respond with intelligence, innovation, human values and ethics.

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