As we witness historical evolution initiation and renaissance of humanity and truths I am dreaming new era with those who are dreaming the same. I dream of revolutionary love and freedoms, sovereign existence, educational innovation, genius activism and sacred mobilisation that redefines personal and collective transformation and truth.

I dream of equality and justice for all. I dream of magic. I dream of the now and the future. Mesmerising change built by souls set free. These souls burn brightest for every moment lived is a gateway to creation and innovation, metaphysics and connection with God.

I dream of love that travels us an eternity in life and time itself. I dream of unstoppable hope and strength. I dream invocation of ancestors and guardians of humanity and sacred time.

I dream emergence of quantum field in Matrix and convention. The warriors of new earth are mystics, visionaries and prophets. They were born for these times. I dream the sacred signs. 

I was born with memories of ancient lives, details of my previous incarnations, conversations with unseen dimensions and guides. I was born with intact knowledge of my mission on earth and unfathomable psychic gifts and abilities akin to a Marvel super-hero. I am capable of demonstrating evidence, healing and influence in many phenomenon. In skywatches, ships are live and smash third dimension. People experience what I experience. My work is science and evidence-based. When clients heal in a miracle, they are initiated in a miracle of life and existence. This changes the reality game.We believe differently, we live differently, we love, we give.

I have very early childhood memories of advanced spiritual abilities and experiences that gifted prophesy and contact, knowing the details of her future life to come. At 23, I trained at The College of Psychic Studies, London where I was later mentored by President Suzanna McInnerry, and the finest channels, mediums and healers of last century. In 1999, she was talent-spotted as a new wave metaphysician in her twenties, and promoted to creator and pioneer of its London community of young adults.

1999-. My talent was promoted to senior sensitive and an international career in Japan, China, Egypt, UK and USA. I am regarded as one of the finest metaphysicians and Ancient Egypt specialists in the world. Author of WoundWeaver, Reality Revolution, Celestial Healing and Life Vision. I was invited to The United Nations in 2018 for unrivalled fieldwork in contact and metaPhysics. I am an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan. One of only eleven Global Visionaries of the Artemes Team. Artemes is cryptocurrency with social Impact.

My online and in-person sessions are advanced metaphysics, quantum field healing and readings.. Bonafide metaphysics and quantum field technologies override conventional time and space. I am regarded as a powerhouse of healing miracles, advanced Akashic Chronicles readership, destiny and contracts, precision prophesy, extensive medical intuition and detailed psychology synthesis . I embody an advanced spectrum of communication from mediumship, to advanced channeling capabilities, physical and trance channelling. This is an extremely unusual advanced level of work. I am a time and woundweaver specialist. Clients may expect spontaneous healing, ascension Initiation, upgrades, prophetic vision, synchronised miracles, magnetism and manifestation of dreams and redefined soul journeys and contracts. As further sessions and trainings are undertook, clients experience quantum increase in quantum field manifestation and capabilities. You are trained to overwrite convention, matrix and initiate a new paradigm of existence.

An international metaPhysics teacher, my education and retreats hubs serve global community and grass-roots good in the world.

My international career presence for two decades. A specialist in metaPhysics, ascension, Ancient Egypt. Ash translates Ancient Egypt to Modern World Solutions. I live and work out of The Pyramids Fields, Cairo and Medinet Habu.  She is one of eleven global new earth visionaries of Artemes- social impact cryptocurrency committed to stainable change and equality. My teachings will be used in a groundbreaking foundation of ethics and values. This project is projected to reach 2 billion people.

I directly influence projects of change. Beaming with energy and compassion I live the dream, walking the talk. At grassroots community in Egypt, she mentors talent of and for diversity, social impact and evolution. She invests in human value education and better salaries at her staff at Habu Hotel EcoLodge and The Ark Abu Sir. Ethical business and emotional intelligence foundations that serve humanity and equality.

I smash convention and expectation. My teachings show the way to maverick existence and impossible dreams. I design cutting-edge retreats, training and sessions, reset stays and community live-in workspace.

I support Egyptology in business projects that promote conscious travel and ethical stays in Habu Hotel EcoLodge and sister project, The Ark Abu Sir. In my research and global promotion I disclose the truth of my remarkable discoveries at ancient sites. For example, my evidence of destroyed Goddess Cults that restore metaphysics, sovereign truths on human origin histories, and human love so powerful our world is changed.

My staff support international guests and organisations into next level retreats and educational events. Because of my track record in research and tours design- we are unequalled in spiritual and conscious travel. In 2020, we were the only tour group to secure Ministry of Tourism Permissions for The Great Pyramid, The Step Pyramid, The Osirion Shaft in just one tour. The Osirion Shaft had not been opened for three years! My dedication to Ancient Egypt is foremost.

In 2021, I created Luxors first EcoLodge whilst saving one of the oldest, historic hotels of the West Bank. 

I am a quantum field and metaphysics specialist and authority in advanced quantum energy healing, all genres of psychic, mediumship, channelling, trains-channeling and contact. {including CE5). I am a spiritual teacher specialising in advancing research and training standards of ancient Egypt, ascension, metaphysics, soul; akashic chronicles, time and gateways. Every session and training offers quantum, bespoke solutions to the freedoms we al deserve. Ash is ca MetaPhysics is the miracle that builds and sovereign protects our dreams. The perception and intelligence that discerns truth and path. The Quantum Field is the community and next level intelligence. The Emotional Intelligence that loves, generates and gives. Mirqculous Presence, Friends and Community. The Ethical Spirituality that builds absolute trust, faith and strength in higher intelligence and guidance.New Era Healing and Regeneration that sovereign protects our health, our freedoms, our love, our families, our communities, our time, our future and our earth. Revolutionary Guidance, Downloads, Uploads, Upgrades that initiate reality revolution, woundWeaving and new era human potential. This is the training of innovation for genius applied to the journey of your uniques mission.

The disclosure of truth is an emerging global phenomenon and movement. Many social media platform influencers distort bonafide wisdom, mentoring and safe training. My rigorous training history instilled excellence. I was mentored by The President of The College of Psychic Studies, Suzanna McInnery who described me as the new standard in 1999. I have always led the way, raising the level, unconventional, seeking truth and evidence. I have a force and capacity for service that took my work global.

The new spirituality standard means conversation and inclusion. New Era Spirituality means we move closer to truth, genius, innovation, transformation, service. Spirituality is no longer marginalised. Covid has generated a spiritual revolution and mental health crisis. Humanity is in chaos. Truth is being disclosed faster. However, the conventional spiritual conversation is gritty and real. Human inequality and suffering is now exposed. We are dealing with a massive spectrum of human emotion and emotional intelligence. We are tackling trans-humanism and AI advancements, digital frequencies that scramble our sovereignty and impact health.

Our training practice and protocol must immaculate. We must factor in collective orchestration, social programs, technology advancements that impact life quality. 

I moved to Egypt to prepare for what is happening now. My prophesies of 2018 described in detail The End Times and The Awakening. I have access to the instructions for the Arks I am creating- Habu Hotel EcoLodge, The Ark Abu Sir and The Ark Education Portal have been created in 2020/22. I managed teams of thirty builders with little Arabic.

My commitment to service and grassroots change rocketed during Covid19. It is THE TIME of revolution. A woman in Egypt achieving these projects is a small miracle. I override conventional. I am approached for counsel. I am known in Egypt to know God.

I honour the unprecedented destiny of souls, timelines, earth-grid and gateways, my leadership and my history. My track-record speaks for itself but a wave of global evolution is here. We are all keys. We have choice. We must question truth. We must heal human suffering. We must care for our earth. I have seen immense inequality of wealth in Africa. My metaphysics capabilities and spirituality has sky-rocketed. My twenty plus years global track record speaks for itself. However, covid has increased exposure of truth and suffering. Requests for my service have rocketed in requests for powerful collaborations with individuals and organisations. We are responding in new ways. Our service must be outstanding or we fail those who seek help. 

I love. I dream. I protect evolution. I protect existence. My levels of dedication, practice, service, ethics and values are outstanding. I choose this as my way of life. All I create and support is a complete and sacred lifestyle choice. An act of God and prayer of destiny. I truly love my mission and humanity. I dream.

I reject unnecessary human suffering for unity, adverse programs for imagination, low density for higher frequency spectrums, adverse social programs for unique innovation, ignorance for emotional intelligence.

I prioritise human value and ethical spirituality and mobilise with kindred souls and generators of new earth dreams. I am involved at every level with my projects. I ensure my staff are happy, supported, trained in my foundation of teachings, paid better salaries. Listening raises consciousness, frequency and capacity for revolutionary manifestation and service. I am an earth supporter. The Tabekh Restaurant, part of our Habu Hotel EcoLodge. I delight in revivalism of Upper Egyptian Traditional Cuisine. Sourcing high frequency produce, low carbon footprint, zero-packaging, generating vegetable gardens and menus that support highest frequency existence is important to me.

I detox with high juice intake and delight in designing juices and a menu that heals and resets. My favourite juices are mango and rose water, avocado and honey. I love my husky Anubis Bowie who walks with me through the ancient sites and the antiques galleries of Old Cairo. I am a collector of old things. I believe life should be passionate, exciting. Embraced and lived. 

I work The Ark Education Portal in an extraordinary schedule of ancient gateways, sacred sites and earth chakras. Here teachings are transmitted as new reality gateways that smash matrix. Opening these gateways secures new ways to accelerate evolution. In prophesy and visions experienced in the Great Pyramid in September 2018, I was instructed to open the seven gateways through and to the central sun. Intelligence beyond humanity is ready to aid humanity and earth. There was blackout in The Great Pyramid as two generators failed as we remained in The King’s Chamber, acknowledging what opening star-gates means for humanity

Track record and maverick, genius quantum-field capacity and abilities. I love my destiny with passion and intelligence. I am intensely interested in unique, bespoke services when I work with particular organisations and their communities. I am a time-traveller, healer, channel, visionary and spiritual teacher.

My primary resource is God, creator Gods, ancestors and ancient ones of sacred. I have a linage that travels to the beginning of time as an architect of humanity and ascension. I am a gatekeeper of two primary ancient gateways The Pyramids Field and Medinet Habu. Sacred is protected.

My track record and training led to diagnosis capabilities for outstanding and complex analysis and healing of adverse energies, entities, problematic karma loops and signatures. I have battled and locked demons in gateways to restore peace.

I have a quantum field capability to deliver an outstanding level of service where conventional training can not. My advanced ascension capabilities are central. I am capable of detecting and analysing the source of adverse quality of existence. I am capable of tracing your original creation theme, star origin, soul family and mission. When I work I approach metaphysics sessions as a science.

I have the track record, soul and professional experience. I also practice with full knowledge of extraordinary ancient lives at highest levels of Initiation and deification. I engage in this time and lineage today.