From 1999 British-born, Ash has travelled the world delivering visionary humanity evolution events for individuals, businesses and organisations. Ash is a progressive spiritual teacher. Why she has been invited to the United Nations. 

Since 2007 she has created ancient gateway retreats and events across the world that inspire and transform individuals, businesses and organisations. Mount Shasta, Mount Fuji, Okinowa, Kyoto, Glastonbury, Uluru, StoneHenge, Avebury, The Great Pyramids, The Valley of Kings and Queens, Luxor & Karnak Temples, The Red Sea, Florida & Bermuda Triangle, New York, Corfu, France and Los Angeles. Featured partnership-events include Shrioh Tenge (CEO SONY), Dr Linda Backman, Dr Bruce Lipton, Ash, Hiro Emoto and Thrive. 

Her legacy took her to United Nations in 2018. Ash is an architect of transformational travel and  restoration. Her passion is in mystical and genius. Discovered at The College of Psychic Studies, London by President Suzanna McInnerney where she worked between 1999-2015. In her early career, Ash was identified as a consciousness pioneer leading new era. She has worked with many thousands of people in Europe, Japan, United State and Egypt.