“Thank you so very much for your outstanding workshop yesterday. I’ve had some fabulous feedback from my team, as well as some of the guests. Everyone was in awe of your energy and totally inspired by the deep insights you shared.”

Conscious Living Events, UK

Events Organisation

“Forever grateful for your dedication and way showing.”

Angie Collins, UK

Student since 2007 & Seeker, Soul School, RA Mystery School, Egypt Tours, Pray for Peace, Perception School

“Just wonderful experiences and saw many images and got many messages during the meditations. It was a really extraordinary tour.”

Keiko Kasuga, Life Coach, Japan

Participant Egypt Tour

“Your healing qualities and love and those of the pyramids and temples we visited, released a lot of tension build up during a life time, took me much deeper into the anatomy of my soul, brought it more alive and grounded me much more. It’s a magical mystery tour, well organised with much love and ca…”


Participant The Pyramids Field Egypt Tour

I only listen to Tracey's voice all day, (Ash's recorded meditations and classes) every day, so my pineal gland is functioning much better. I sleep so much better and I've never had anything like this in my life. Thank you very much.

Kinuka, Japan

CEO and Founder, Participant of Pray for Peace Project, Soul School

Thank you for the wonderful time you shared with us at the gateway, Mt. Fuji this weekend.  This experience was eye opening for me, and I felt so honored to be there with others who gathered around you for the calibration of the gateway and Gaia.    Everyone who gathered there were all beautiful souls and it was so peaceful to be with them.  Together with the environment we were in, all was amazing!  I am so glad I joined. The new year long learning program for the Mystery School sounds great. Looking forward to joining it. Now, I strongly feel a need to visit Egypt soon. Maybe, sometime next year, alone. Thank you for letting me in.  I feel I’m so fortunate to be able to start my spiritual journey with you and your pupils. Safe trip home, and say hi to Anubis Bowie.   Sincerely yours, Mitsuyo Hattori

Mitsuyo Hattori, Japan

CEO and Founder, Participant of Mt Fuji Japan Retreat