Ash lives on The Medinet Habu Temple with her Siberian Husky, Anubis Bowie. She is a humanitarian and visionary. From1999 Ash travelled the world in service as visionary to humanity and collective evolution. Ash is a heavyweight spiritual teacher, healer, gatekeeper and oracle. Why she has been invited to the United Nations and headhunted by IONS. Ash materialises phenomenal extra-terrestrial contact, healing and intelligence anomalies and sensory perception. Her specialisms are consciousness, ancient Egypt and worldwide ancient sites.

The first star-gate was opened at Medinet Habu in 2011, during The Arab Spring. Ash is gatekeeper of The Pyramid Fields. Ash’s knowledge is remembered from ancient times. She has travelled to reactivate gateway sites across the world to heal humanity. Mount Shasta, Mount Fuji, Okinowa, Kyoto, Glastonbury, Uluru, StoneHenge, Avebury, The Great Pyramids, The Valley of Kings and Queens, Luxor & Karnak Temples. The Red Sea, Florida & Bermuda Triangle, New York, Corfu, France and Los Angeles.

Visionary of Imagine One Earth (IOEarth) and her own training gateway- The Ark Portal. The first IOEarth event featured Dr Bruce Lipton, Ash, Hiro Emoto and Thrive. IOEarth is a new earth initiative to solve human inequality, suffering and war. This initiative unifies our efforts for collective evolution. In this New Humanity we ignite Reality Revolution. Despite Matrix we impact change.

Her fieldwork on contact and metaPhysics took her to United Nations in 2018. In 2020, Ash landed in Egypt alone, to build two New Earth eco-hotel facilities in Cairo and Luxor for revolutionaries of New Earth. Ash is an architect of sacred space, transformational travel, restoration menus and innovative training experiences. Talent is supported with Artist, Spiritual Influencer and Egyptology In-Residence Programs. Her passion is in mystical and genius.

Discovered at The College of Psychic Studies by President Suzanna McInnerney where she worked between 1999-2015. Ash was quickly identified as a spirituality pioneer leading new era. Her dedication to truth led the timekeeper to ancient gateways. She has worked with thousands of people in Europe, United States, Egypt, Japan and Australia. In 2020, she was invited to be Artemes first Global Leader, a human value cryptocurrency Partners & Press predicted to reach six billion people. In 2022 and 2023, she works with Sony CEO, Shiho Tenge and as IONS Research Partner.