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White Dessert Tour 

The Path of the Ancient One

1-7 MAY 2022


We sleep under the stars in fire, earth, air, water initiations. We enter training in massive crystalline formations and blackest meteorites of this sacred landscape. This is The White Desert National Park

The White Desert (Sahra al-Beida) is the reason to  visit Farafra Oasis and the Western Desert of Egypt. The White Desert National Park, a “Lonely Planet Top Choice” features blinding-white rock surreal formations akin to a Dali painting.

In the silent, remote gateways, we listen to the ancient ones. we dream, quest and vision.

We travel Universe and enter star-gates, in quests for genuine sacred connection. 

Pre-Ancient intelligence, non-mainstream archeology and conscious tourism.

Unforgettable landscapes and stunning photography opportunities. 

We honour culture, crafts and traditions, environment and ecology. We take you into conscious tourism and unforgettable travel in Egypt.

Our wounds build us warriors, revolutionaries and kindred souls holding the secrets and wisdom of new earth mobilisation.


Day 1 


The Ark AbuSir. Dinner and SkyCamp.

Sacred Warrior Preparation.


Day 2 

9:00 Depart The Ark Abusir

Medum Pyramid. 

15:00  Arrive Oasis Hotel.

21:00 SkyWatch.

Transformation Intensive and Sacred Warrior Initiation.


Day 3 

9:00 Departure to  White Desert Bedouin Camp.

Old & New White Dessert Bedouin Camp locations. 

SkyWattch, Soul Journeys, Meditation and Transformation intensives. 

Crystal Mountain Visit and Calcite AKASHIC Chroniclers.

Fire Ceremony and Sacred Warrior Circle.


Day 4 

White Desert Bedouin Camp, 

SkyWatch, SandBoarding, 

Transformation and Evolution intensives. Deep Programs detox and Reset.

Old & New White Dessert Bedouin Camp locations. 

Djara Cave

Put on the map on Christmas Eve 1873 by the German explorer Gerhard Rohlfs and rediscovered only in 1989 by the German adventurer Carlo Bergmann, the Djara Cave—also transliterated as Gara Cave, Jara Cave, or Qara Cave—is located next to the Darb Asyut, an old caravan route connecting Farafra and Asyut. The cave is easy to visit as it has a level floor-entry, covered with sand of the desert. Measuring approximately 30 meters (33 yards) in diameter and 8 meters (9 yards) in height, the cave is famous for its neolithic engravings and its chambers full of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Fire Ceremony and Sacred Warrior Circle.


Day 5 

9:00 Departure to Oasis Hotel and Pyramid Mountain.

19;00 Pyramid Mountain Sacred Warrior Initiation.




Day 6 

9:00 Departure to The Ark Abusir

Sunset Dinner AbuSir.

21:00 AbuGhorab Sun Temple Sacred Warrior Initiation.


Day 7 





The Sacred Warrior is powered by revolutionary calcite which is core in worldwide ancient star-gate structures and quantum time entrance. Here, we can enter the Quantum Field and revolutionise existence and human capabilities to build new reality gateways.


Calcite Science

Copyright 2002 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Calcite micro-Crystals in the pineal gland of the human brain. A new form of bio-mineralization has been studied in the pineal gland of the human brain. It consists of small crystals that are less than 20 microm in length and are distinct from the mulberry-type hydroxyapatite concretions.  Cubic, hexagonal, and cylindrical morphologies have been identified using scanning electron microscopy. The crystal edges are sharp whereas their surfaces were very rough. Energy dispersive spectroscopy showed the crystals contained only calcium, carbon, and oxygen.

Selected area electron diffraction and near infrared Raman spectroscopy established that the crystals were calcite. With the exception of the otoconia structure of the inner ear, this is the only known non-pathological occurrence of calcite in the human body. The calcite micro-crystals are probably responsible for the previously observed second harmonic generation in pineal tissue sections.

The complex texture structure of the micro-crystals may lead to crystallographic symmetry breaking and possible piezoelectricity, as is the case with otoconia.

Studies directed toward the elucidation of the formation and functions, and possible non-thermal interaction with external electromagnetic fields are currently in progress.

ASHOK SAHAI, Pineal_gland_A_structural_and_functional_enigma, 21 January 2014,

The presence of calcite micro-crystals, their contraction and expansion in the presence of electromagnetic field and piezoelectric property may go well with the hypothesis of Gottfried de Purucker (2011) published in the book, Man in Evolution’ in which the author mentions that “whenever we have a hunch, the pineal gland is vibrating gently; when we have an intuition, or an inspiration, or a sudden flash of intuitive under- standing, it vibrates more strongly though still gently.”




£3250 Price includes all road transportation from/to  The Ark Abusir with 2 nights, 2 nights Bedouin White Desert Camp,, meals, 2 nights Oasis Hotel, initiations and fire ceremonies, skywatches, ascension upgrades, crystal mountain, white dessert activations, New, Old White and Black Desert National Park access. 

Single room supplement : £300

Individual Session : £400

Your flights and airport transfer is not included. Please arrange this upon booking. Lunch and dinner is not included- we will explore local cuisine and authentic culture and Egyptian life.




FINAL BOOKING DATE is 30 days prior to arrival. Any late booking accompanies £500 late booking penalty.





The Ark Abusir was created and designed by Ash. It is a purpose built elite retreat and events space for 16 people in front of Abusir Pyramid Complex and AbuGhorab Hotep & Sun Temples. A huge panoramic rooftop views The Great Pyramid,  Abusir-Sahure, Neferirkare and Neferefre, are linked at the northwest corners by an imaginary line running to Heliopolis, Abusir, AbuGhorab, Pyramid of Unas, Pyramid of Djoser, Serapium, Dashur, Red Pyramid. It is designed and energetically prepared to facilitate earth grid mobilisation, advanced meditation, inner journeys, initiations and ceremonies. Our reset-concept invites sacred inner work with prayer mats, fire pit, lounge sofas, candles and crystals. Each bedroom has en-suite bathroom and shower, each with sumptuous four poster bed for deep process and dreaming.