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Uluru, Australia + Phenomenal Contact

This is a true story and account by Tracey Ash. This is my reality and my work. I live my dreams.

We are four women. The Four Directions meeting at Uluru in January 2018.. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. All sisters and mothers. All global travellers. I was speaking at Cosmic Consciousness Conference. Earth hired the car. We headed to The Rock for sunset.

Months before we were called to step inside the bigger sacred picture. A bigger journey of souls and a bigger experience of dimensions. I knew this purpose as Air. Since childhood Air had been waiting for this invitation. Air knew her future. We were called by Gaia to listen very carefully. First to listen to the ancestors, and at every star-gate that called and then contact. Two of us travelled from London. The others travelled across Australia. Friends tied by Air.

Our meditations and stories were exchanged in an intense beautiful all day every day. Time and reality was the practice. New Time and New Reality became the practice. We entered universe way beyond ordinary. Air knew the ancestors had been waiting to speak. It was simple. There was no other agenda but listening. Time stood still and we opened our eyes upon the universe. The stars showed us stories and dances with contact.

Hearts wide open like children. We welcomed in every sign as Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We delighted in every every synchronicity that painted reality in gold. We laughed and laughed. We cried, we surrendered our truths and the old redundant stories that has tied us ti mundane. We closed the doors on the False Matrix. We shared truths and secrets. And Uluru gifted us the opening of many corridors for our honesty and wonder. We were sacred children of Gaia again. Awake we knew all powerful intelligence must be respected. Air was Sacred Guardian. Protector and protected. Like the train of eternity the ancestors knew and recognised her. She was one of them. They whispered to Air and Earth at the same time, ‘We have always been here.’

Every day Uluru opened us to our dreams and stories like liquid magic. We were ready to be told. As we came together in truth, we each held within us the stories of Uluru- we dived deep into the mysteries of our existence. The stories that are never told. We asked questions of our selves and of Uluru. We listened. We held each others stories. We listened. Uluru decided in that fragment of time that we would see, hear and touch the secrets of existence. To understand life. To understand going beyond. To know we could choose.


Uluru is sacred magic, enchanting, sacred directing us in ways we could never have imagined. The magic of the anangu stretched our every belief. We beamed like children. We had indeed entered the dreamtime. The Creation Serpent repeatedly manifest in multiple skies across multiple days. Here it was easy to see the ancestors and magic, to hear the ancestors and magic. Here it was easy to see and hear each other, and believe everything is indeed possible. Here our messages were written into the sky as the miracle divine inspiration is. Here our wishes delivered the dream. We were living in another matrix. We were living and dreaming another reality and meta-physics, our sacred presence and dreams built a breathtaking reality.

Air knew THIS WAS ASCENSION. This was The Awakening, The End Time, The Procession of Equinoxes, Post-2012. What we had been waiting for all of our life and lives.

The Rock that called us would give us so much. Every day we were grateful. We were four women committed to seeking and learning more. As we walked the base of Uluru, every contour of the rock told a story. ‘Wait and listen’, Uluru said. ‘Silence. Still and you will see into time and see into me.’ Each woman trusted her compass of knowing. In that sacred silence the commanding presence and grace of God was all that could be. Four women who had lived, listened and healed. Air knew each woman was a gift and golden thread. The team.

Feeling our way, seeing our way to the most important story of The Rock on that first day. As Air walked over the bridge- the deep hues of the stormy evening soaked us. The air was humid . Uluru is a masterpiece. The emerald bush against the purple electric sky and fire clay earth. We took shelter in the women’s cave. We had been called to deep meditate in a tiny space that we could stand in. This perfect gateway for woman connecting with crown of head and soles of feet. We merged with Uluru. Vanishing and listening. Meditation was powerful and deep. Healing silent and meta-physical. We synchronised as one as we worked. The weave. The others slept and dreamed on the rock as one woman stood in the rock space. We were always in extraordinary sacred healing. We were constantly being called to the gates of the gods waiting to finally teach us.


Uluru unravelled dimension after dimension, unlocking spirt after spirit. The landscape is live responding to each thought and each feeling. Sacred Reality responds to you. Your frequency. Your radiance. Your light. The ancestors step forward or back in recognition of who you are. These creator gods obey the law of evolution. Sacred initiation is earned. Here there can be false step to initiation.

Here in sacred reality nothing can be hidden. Trite and ego can not exist.The train of eternity and time smashes it. There is no where to run or hide. Uluru sees you. Vivid and vibrant, it paints your portrait as you are. Uluru shows you as much as you deserve. All powerful Uluru reveals and paints you. If you choose truth and sacred you heal. If you are chosen you initiate. Then in the eyes and ears of Uluru you see and hear everything. Nothing can ever be hidden again. You enter the all seeing eye of god.

As we walked in aw of this giant landscape we acknowledged this miracle of Gaia. Air stopped. The ancestor greeted her on the bridge as she has done before in many lifetimes. Spear in hand, the two metre anangu ancestor had chosen to be the eternal guardian of this sacred star-gate. He led many other guardians. As initiate, Air turned around to her sisters to share his sacred greeting. ‘We have been welcomed, we are acknowledged, we are entering sacred land, this is it, we will work here.’

We entered the women’s cave. We listened to the sacred rains and growling thunder. The lightening cracked through the purple skies. Fire asked Air if she could learn to see energy. As night came and the storm drew close the women gathered in circle to see energy. Air opened her hands and let her life force pour light. Earth, Fire and Water could see.

Air said, ‘join me. See the weave of reality. See my hands of light. See how light can shape reality.’ We build the weave within minutes.

Earth Water and Fire were left building energy spheres. Fire again surprised herself. The night before she also asked to see energy. Fire in twenty-four hours in eternity could now see see and was building extra-ordinary meta-physics. The three weavers kept building the light spheres. Air looked in the distance from the rock she rested upon. It was time for her to listen again. She got up and acknowledged The Directions. She could hear the whispers of the ancestors calling her into position. Back to The Bridge of Eternity. Back to the ancestor. Who was he? Contact gifted evidence as always. Air had been in contact experiences for decades. Her life dedicated to evidence. In the late evening sky incredible audio recorded. Followed by two photo stills of ancestor faces in the sky. Then CONTACT. The concentrated light beam spanning all dimensions captured in a photograph. The super-non-usual weather conditions. The rivers of rain on Uluru that came from the purple sky bringing it with it sacred messages. Contact of this nature always revolutionises consciousness. Air expected revolutionary reality changes for the three weavers who while building the light spheres were unaware of what was happening!


Air revealed herself ‘I am The Four Winds and The Five Directions. I have always been here. I choose to remember that I come from the stars.’ In a breath she remembered her eternity. Her mission forever as guardian of earth and humanity. She would always incarnate conscious in the memories of how to activate star-gates to accelerate and heal destiny and evolution. Her eternal contract. The aid that is only possible with incredible CONTACT.  Here is a photograph of Tracey Ash presenting 5D TRAINING at Cosmic Consciousness Conference 2018. Revolutionary light codes are visible in the sacred space she is holding.


We took a four-hour drive south from Uluru. At Cave Hill, Air was greet by the tall, powerful ancestor holding his spear. Majestic, string, silent. He demanded acknowledgement. His sacred presence pulled Air in. At Cave Hill is The Creation Story. As Air scrambled up the path a rock spoke to her. Here calcite was the building blocks of sacred creation on earth. Sacred space free of contamination. Here time stood still for contact to surge forward. Nothing could stand in the ancestor’s way. He knew Air could see and feel him. He travelled with her after that into the cave showing her the cave painting of Osiris. The same Creation Story here and in Egypt. The cave painting was more than 50,000 years old. Both stories speak about The Beginning and The End TIMES. Is that why the ancestor stepped forward?


We were the first visitors in two months. Access had been denied because of conditions. The ancestor had been patiently waiting, waiting, waiting. As in all genuine initiation there is only silence. The initiate must acknowledge the signs of all other dimensions. There is no visible teaching. There is no exchange of knowledge until the initiate can perceive the sacred signs. Air was recognised as the sacred shaman she is. She is devoid of ritual and ceremony. Quietly listening, acknowledging the phenomenal subtle signs under the hum and excitement of life.

Cave Hill gifted a rock. The ancestor guided Air’s hands to the ground. There was no decision to be made. It would only be this rock. She held this rock tightly as she listened to The Creation Story. It is the story we are in now. The defining moment of humanity. Finally, finally, finally we evolve. Here is the story.

Tjukurpa refers to the creation period and its echoes in the present. An Indigenous person who loses their Tjukurpa loses their past, present and future.The Ancient Egyptians referred to this as The Tep Zepi. The Pyramid Texts are written within the pyramids of Saqqara. These are detailed practices on maintaining the connection to The Tep Zepi.

Wait Nyiru was overcome with lust at his first glimpse of the Seven Sisters. The problem arose with his “special companion” – a super-sized penis that he wrapped around his waist. Wati Nyiru tried to restrain his penis, but it pursued the Sisters. The Sisters escaped through the back of the cave at Cave Hill. Outside they danced and fled, with Wati Nyiru in pursuit. The land was shaped by the Sisters and Wait Nyiru. These are the creation gods. Wati Nyiru is identified as Orion, while the Seven Sisters are the Pleiades. On the way back to Uluru we witnessed multiple manifestations of The Creation Snake in the sky.


As Air looked at the rock she could see the imprint of the ancestor who had greeted her. Several days later she shared with the guide at Cave Hill what she has seen. Air described the ancestor who was imprinted also on the rock and imprinted upon every days thereafter. He was profoundly silent and majestic. His spear decorated in black, red and white lines. Like a train the ancestor protected Air. She could feel his presence guiding her everywhere. The guide stopped Air and said, ‘THE ELDER HAD RECENTLY DIED AT CAVE HILL. HE WAS THE HIGHEST INITIATED ELDER IN THE COMMUNITY. IT WAS HIM” The guide went on, she could identify him because of the description of his spear and the decoration of lines of red, black and white. This elder manifest on the Bridge of Eternity at Uluru on the last day as we sat as four women at the watering hole.


On multiple night sky watches from the look-out we witnessed between 40-60 craft sightings- often extremely high speed complex manoeuvres in the visible milky way. On one occasion we witnessed a craft making a deliberate slow quarter circle east to north. Then a vertical high speed weave. On another occasion multiple crafts repeatedly lit up three stars of the Pleiades then four stars of the Pleiades emphasising our Cave Hill visit. During this contact increased consciousness initiations were taking place- ramping upbeat-physical abilities and gifts. We became more adept at spotting the craft in the sky. Our awareness razor-sharpened to ease-spot the phenomenal speed of craft in particular star-systems. On another occasion the cloud coverage was cut open as a vast circle so we could see inside the Milky Way.