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1-677-124-44227 184 Main Collins Street, West Victoria 8007 Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00, Sunday CLOSED
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This HENGE is part of a global network of henges and pyramids that link us as far as Japan! The ancients created a global network of corridors for communication, travel and encryption of timeless knowledge. They understood how gravity can hold information and the zero-point field for advanced consciousness development and inter-planetary travel. Corridors are open at every dimension. We see the circle, square and triangle: universal symbols that connect us to the infinite universal. The theme of our weekend was SUPER-SPEED advanced healing and awakening.

We time-loop into forgotten stories, deleted technology and science that takes us back to incredible levels of intelligence and love. We cannot ascend without this FOUNDATION. Universal Intelligence is positive and good. We will always encounter opportunities and events that show us the way. As our old world is deconstructed, it rebuilds leaving the story of pain and suffering as the non-intelligence it is. When we visit sites we challenge our very stories and beliefs to love as better human beings. Power sites are essential in helping us to change frequency so we can challenge and let go of stories, thinking and beliefs that lock us out of incredible living! In fact this very knowledge is key in outperforming control by elite. Our cities were designed to increase control.