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Spiritual Teachings- Ascension Warriors & Meta-Physics

1. PEACE- Genuine evolution begins first with acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of our own personal journeys in life- our life lessons can only be achieved when we achieve peace. Peace is often the deleted reality. This deleted reality often means we time loop in the same resonance wound theme and story. Here we fail in breaking in to awareness that truly freedom and truly serves self and others. This first initiation is essential for what comes next in sacred and evolutionary initiation, 5D, LOVE & METAPHYSICS.
FLAG- do not assume inner peace because you have understood concepts intellectually.
2. LOVE- Genuine sacred experience plugs into our vast human resource. Acknowledgement and dedication both in life and practices endure this evolutionary, magical path. Here we access deep resource to increase possibilities of continued new healing and awareness. We solidly sit strong in our hearts. There is no strategy. As our practices in 1 and 2 deepen and grow steadily, self and life overhaul yet we have simplified. Entering these pillars overhauls time, synchronicities and future. An existence where highest truths are embodied and grounded fully into your life. There is no price tag on these realities and values that secure survival and evolution. We can not be bought or enslaved.
3- ETERNITY- essential sacred practice that is the foundation to continuing overhauling your perspective on reality, your thoughts and feelings, your stories. It is vast, dedicated work that challenges superficial attachment, dedication and motivation. Here you must be willing to expose, reveal and acknowledge who you are. Twenty-first century mind and heart can be exceptionally closed. This defines us in toxic programming attachments. This locks us out of sacred experience. Sweeping into practices that open entry to initiate quality internal space and time allowing essential inner work. THIS IS NOT 3D STRATEGY-FOCUSED. Here we are gifted sacred experience. Here we finally transform and evolve. Here we finally awaken.
4- AWARENESS- Here we unlock the most elusive questions on our existence and destiny. It is here we go beyond. As we dedicate we enter awareness overhaul. Our education initiates in profound and unprecedented experiences. Our life lessons are held in powerful alignment and sacred presence. We acknowledge destiny and the purpose of existence because we now can. Here we recognise what indeed is central to existence and evolution. Detours and hijacks are less dominant as we initiate into the 5D sacred journey. Here we can listen to our most sacred journey- destiny. Our sacred destiny acknowledged and lived is the highest evolutionary path. We are no longer blinded by imitation. This is the GENUINE PATH. Here we listen, listen, listen to intelligence and live that goes beyond conventional understanding and expression. This is the new education. It sacred awakens us to initiate a new reality for humanity.
Here these sacred practices resonate throughout self and radiate into dimensions of our lives. This indeed is the practice that is THE FLOWER OF LIFE. It is ZERO-POINT, SACRED, CONTACT, EMBODIMENT, EVOLUTION, DESTINY, AWAKENING, PROGRESS & EVOLUTION. Here we choose to acknowledge and overhaul our attachment to the internal processes that create our reality. False gods are eliminated. We get REAL on what is deeply important in life from LOVE to PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE. We get REAL and OVERHAUL OUR POWER TO CREATE POSITIVE & LASTING EVOLUTION & CHANGE.