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SACRED RESONANCE: Our resonance is generated and mirrored in our reality. Unresolved
wound results in compromised frequency and wound resonance contracts. Genuine sacred
resonance gifts access to new sacred intelligence, new ascension dimensions, new journeys, new
timelines and twin-flame contracts. This is Highest Ascension Initiation. You restore life force and
The Weave that initiates true ascension, unprecedented contact and sacred reality. Conventional
learning methods are often unreliable, inconsistent and redundant. These are the signposts to
trust. We move into the unknown.
INCREASED AWARENESS: We are being sacred called to acknowledge our superficial stories
and false attachments as individuals and humanity. When we finally heal and surrender
unremarkable stories then we finally initiate beyond empty stereotypes and superficial values to
fully embody sacred. World evolves.
Even in our spirituality arena, what we superficially know and what we create will indeed conflict
and create a chaos that slows evolution. Here we often fail in fine-tuning inner-awareness and
deep- healing commitment. This inner-work is our life practice and the revolutionary key to
transforming our relationships, communities and world. Our incredible practice is to weave inner
and outer world. This requires deep work.
The ultimate new spirituality redefines our purpose and world. This brings unprecedented insight,
deep and lasting spiritual and transformational experiences that break the bonds of enslavement
and perceived limitations. These we place upon ourselves and others unless we commit to
Program Detox and evolution found in a life-long dedication to our sacred destiny.
REVOLUTIONARY SPIRITUALITY is sacred- honours life lessons and journeys. We are free to
live it. We dissolve the walls of limitations and the wounds of programming. Our consciousness is
the revolutionary key. It is won by dedicated inner-work training to know love. Ascension is
revolution. We are then enlightened in sacred values.
We then choose sacred journeys. These are the journeys that aid exceptional quality of life and
contribution to a new earth and humanity. We fully commit to that reality. We are the sacred
warriors. Ascension releases within us a new, vast creative, sacred resource that can not be
hijacked or enslaved. Here we unlock meta-physics. The gold of previous alchemists. We redefine
sacred love and sacred destiny. We experience eternal soul flame and soul flames. We initiate
astonishing love and magic for daily life.
In this ascension phase you are now living in a radical overhaul of reality where ascension or
awakening as prophesied by ascension pioneers and ancient wisdom is taking place.
ULTIMATE PROGRAM DETOX: We assist the ascension process powerfully with dedicated self-
awareness, meta-physical healing practices, and conscious paths of evolution. We earn greater
ascension when we commit to solving separation of self and world.
Your mentor must be an awake aid and ally on your ascension journey. This genius goes beyond
AI and generic strategies. Your ascension initiation is found in transmitted sacred-knowledge in
teacher/mentor experiences. There has been a revolution of internet information. We must now
learn to be more discerning and less naive in what it entails to evolve.
ASCENSION VALUES: The foundations of genuine ascension start with truth, self-acceptance and
willingness to go beyond what we have been led to believe. This brings dedication to
revolutionising our inner-world journeys. This journey is unprecedented and brave. The safety zone
of fear and separation does not permit outstanding ascension and reality.
This brings an opportunity to question and transform the superficiality of our enslaved and highly
manipulated existence. We progress to detect and detach false gods and desires created by toxic
elite power agendas. We stop misfiring. We love
This brings an opportunity to question and transform program implants that are cleverly engineered
to limit our value. These programs are rigidly locked in fear to slow evolution in generation after
generation. Here attachment to false values and stereotypes, lifestyles can be persuasive and
locked as reality patterns in DNA through successive generations. This hijacks our sovereign right
to health and happiness, love and evolution.
THE FALSE MATRIX: Elite power agenda controls you as human resource in maintaining the hold
of The False Matrix. Elite power majority-controls via mass reality manipulation. Thoughts,
emotions, programs created in our words are frequency. We get locked in the 3D time-line.
Frequency overhauls reality and time-lines.
Unresolved wound is metaphysically generated and impacts future generations. AI is being
implemented as a power-device of enslavement. The most genuine ascension pioneers are urging
us to return to sovereignty of love, humanity and earth. Here we have access to highest frequency
that revolutionises our existence. Our greatest challenge is maintaining ascension and evolution.
Dedicated inner work is the answer to ensuring ascension