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Retreat and Events Hire and  Live-In Work-Space

Global Social Impact and Ecology

Ash is a pioneering New Era Visionary and Creative

In 2020 and 2021, two global social impact and ecology projects were created in Egypt. Ash combines her specialist knowledge on ancient Egypt, revolutionary ancient gateways and New Era Spirituality. These are Ash’s innovative start-ups.

What Ash says,

‘We support individuals and organisations who a dream greatest good for humanity and earth .Our facility is available to hire for retreats and events.. if you love what we do reach out and talk with us, collaborate and evolve with us. These times are extraordinary because humanity is too!’

The Ark Abusir

An Ancient Gateways Portal

The Ark Abusir is a pioneering project for Cairo and Ash. The Ark Abusir was created at a unique location. A unique convergence of ancient gateways on The Pyramids Field. It is a purpose built retreat and events space in front of Abusir Pyramid Complex. It can host roof-top gatherings for 100 people and redefine ultimate retreat concept and experience for sixteen people.

Main Retreat-Hub

The Main Retreat-Hub is assigned to North, East, South and West and sits in Abusir known as The Land of Auser or Osiris. The gateway of sacred time.

Panorama 360 Degrees Roof Events Space & SkyCamp

Our SkyCamp and vast panoramic roof views Abusir complex- The Pyramids of Sahure, Neferirkare and Neferefre. AbuGhorab Hotep & Sun Temples is aligned at the northwest corners by the gridline of Heliopolis. The Ark Abusir is linked by gridlines to The Great Pyramid, Pyramid of Unas, Pyramid of Djoser, Serapium, Dashur, Red Pyramid. All ancient sites are in view. Our North/West and South/East axis aligns with Memphis.

This facility is designed for evolution, inner journey, initiation and ceremony. The environment fires sacred inner work and revolutionary contribution.,  Each retreat bedroom is designed with four poster bed for deep process and sacred dreaming, meditation balcony, ensuite bathroom.

Ash is conscious collector and traveller,.This creative vision enhances your spectacular experience of Ancient Egypt.

Retreats, Events and Tours Support

Our world-class team can support the design and creation of your event.

In-House Programs

We offer world-class tours, retreats, events and residential training programs that contribute to conscious tourism, social impact, equality and innovation genius.

Key travel experiences: mysticism and academic, evolution, consciousness, ancient journeys and conscious tourism, iconic history,style, culture, Islam, pyramids and unequalled geology.. 

Habu Hotel EcoLodge

10 Steps to Heaven

We made this project with love and saved and restored Habu Hotel.

Ash created the first EcoLodge and Social Impact Project in Luxor. Habu Hotel EcoLodge is 17 hotel rooms, apartments and live-in work space. We have created a SkyCamp and Panoramic Roof Events Facility, Goddess Cafe and Tabekh Restaurant. We are dedicated to conscious change and conscious tourism in Egypt.

Ash says,

‘We are a conscious project and team dedicated to making a tiny part of the world a better place. We consciously and creatively team build, elders educating young talent. We progress equality. We support communities, individuals and organisations who dedicate in the same dream of a better world. We are a conference, retreat events facility.’ 

Whether you are wandering the world, seeking magic, or time and traditions that stop, we will show you an Egyot that you can never find in mainstream tourism. My dream is knowledge, tradition and sacred magic. We travel you through history, food, music, place and good company to enter an Egypt that will change and inspire you forever. We are naturally farming and sourcing. We cook only Egyptian quality traditional cuisine with a menu that inspires foodies from all over the world. We time travel you in the delicious and authentic.

Co-Director Mohammed Sayed shares a vision for tourism where it is an honiur to love Egypt and her history. We are fortunate time has has stood still for this hotel, one hundred years and we have sympathetically restored and renovated to maintain the ambiance of the times Howard Carter stayed here in his mission to discover Tutankhamon. It is only possible to step inside this remarkable history in what is left of a handful of historical guest houses on the West Bank, Luxor. Nothing excites me more than time-travel. It beings ancient histories alive. 

Live-in Historic Workspace and Reset Stays

Live-in historical  workspace and reset stays for creatives, writers, cyber workers, entrepreneurs, researchers, writers, culture and history explorers. Journey in this magnificent landscape 10 Steps from Heaven, Medinet Habu. 


A world of dreaming under the stars far away from city existence.

The Ark Shop

Our shop also showcases the emerging talent that stays with us,

Ancient Mysticism is anchored in our uniquely designed jewellery pieces,  journey and meditation tools. 

God/dess Cafe 

May iconic Queens and Sacred Goddesses grace every moment of your journey with us .Egyptology is drenched in symbolism, magic and visionary intelligence. Here we may become Gods. Immerse in food of Gods, in music of Gods, in the love of Gods and beautiful things that remind you, there is heaven on earth. We open to the ancient hearts of an eternity. After all, Ancient Egypt was created for Eternity. 

The Tabekh Restaurant

Conscious of our social impact.  We adhere to traditions of Upper Egyptian Natural Farming, Sourcing and Cuisine Innovation to detox and heal.

We are work in accordance with minimising carbon footprint. Mud-brick ovens and fire-pits are  in use for winter tea, tagine foul, and traditional bread.

Retreats, Events and Tours Support

Our world-class team can support the design and creation of your event.

In-House Programs

We offer world-class tours, retreats, events and residential training programs that contribute to conscious tourism, social impact, equality and innovation genius.


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