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10 Questions on The New Era 

1. What is your dream of New Earth? Imagine all the people living life in peace.... As we witness an historical initiation and renaissance of humanity and truths I am dreaming new era with those who are dreaming the same. I dream of revolutionary love and freedoms, sovereign existence, educational innovation, genius activism and sacred mobilisation that redefines personal and collective transformation and truth. I dream of equality and justice for all. I dream of magic. I dream of the now and the future. Mesmerising change built by souls set free. These souls burn brightest for every moment lived is a gateway to creation and innovation, metaphysics and connection with God. I dream of love that travels us an eternity in life and time itself. I dream of unstoppable hope and strength. I dream invocation of ancestors and guardians of humanity and sacred time. i dream emergence of quantum field in Matrix. The warriors of new earth are mystics, visionaries and prophets. They were born for these times. I dream the sacred signs

2. You are an ascension specialist. Give your brief definition of ascension. Ascension includes MetaPhysics Quantum, Sacred, Innovation Awake, Genius and Spirituality Authentic. Here evolution overwrites convention and derailment. Revolution of biology, psychology, intellect and new human emergence. This manifests as new era frequency, consciousness, time and miracles. Here evolution protects sovereign humanity, ethics and values. Advancing perception, contact, timeshifts and mission that exposes and dissolves Matrix. Here we depart ethics and values that increase human suffering. Here we repair disconnection from truths. Truths that have been destroyed by The Matrix- from disclosure of extraterrestrial life and contact, to human origins, equality, genius and extraordinary human potamtial, from metaphysics to mind-blowing quantum field capabilities, from inequality and persecution to reality revolution. Consciousness exploration and training further advances evolution.

3. Ascension is a hot topic. Could you detail key information, symptoms and rebalance protocol. Consciousness is re-birthed, recycled and woven as time and dimensions. This is important in exploring adverse personal and collective time control. An orchestration of controlled events, gateways, time-lines, karmic loops, Matrix programs and digital technologies destroys evolution. Our sacred time-line is reversed. Resulting symptomsChaotic kundalini release and biological and psychological stresses. A recalibration of chaos created by departure from truth and sacred time is required. This is evolution, our sacred reset and Matrix cleanse. This is The Awakening. You may feel disconnected from your dreams, Matrix rage, crying, hyper-sensitivity, stress/fatigue as soul and sacred destiny is birthed. Here you will question and heal ancestral and social programs and stories. You enter quests to uncover truth in your journeys. You may initiate warriorship, censorship and genius innovation to expose and heal human suffering. Each awakened soul is a unique life, sacred journey and gift. You already know wisdom ethics- you may or may not have made peace with. Ultimately healing is a journey of accepting sacred truth. Healing trauma and living sacred dreams. Living and loving life. Honouring earth and health, environment and conscious food and pure water sources. Many Millennials and advanced souls have unprecedented access to Akashic data. This resource brings time-lines and conscious soul wisdom. These individuals are intrinsic to revolutionising humanity and earth. They know the value of unique. Unique generates as one resource mobilised in love and ethics. Here, evolution and humanity is quantumprogressed. Human Intelligence is biologically capable of personal and collective downloads, upgrades, resets. This information is not disclosed as we head into existence-implications on trans-humanism. Ascension symptoms include functioning metaPhysics capabilities-spectrum that resets time. Message from The Ancient Ones, Ash. There came a sacred time on earth when truth illuminated illusion. Reality had been rigged. Disgraced the elite coerced to continue deception. The sacred timeline said no. Hope resurrected in ancient souls as the karmic fire of new humanity was lit. The creation phoenix soared through existing time. Nothing would ever be the same again. Time initiated spirit and will of humanity. The phoenix soared again. The ancient souls gathered. Unlikely warriors. Not born of elite nor deception. Born of purest hearts and purest minds. These karmic lights shone brightest. It was their destiny to shine. Old Order was very afraid. The ancient souls were watchers and chroniclers, dreamers and prophets. They came with new ways.

4. Ascension is a quantum science for entry into contact. Can you detail revolutionary evidence. Evolutionary evidence in ancient history is staggering. The exact coordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza are 29.9792458°N. This number is exactly the same as the speed of light which travels at 299,792,458 metres per second. The Great Pyramid is located at the exact intersection of the LONGEST LINE OF LATITUDE and the LONGEST LINE OF LONGITUDE. This gateway is enshrined in a global corridor of grid-lines and 7-12 primary earth-chakras corridor that corresponds to our human chakra system. Theoretically, a global time generator. Gateway locations and ancient architectures optimise earth science to record vast galactic and humanity cycles in advanced astronomy scenes, mathematics and consciousness sciences. At multiple ancient sites is extensive evidence of a creation history, and civilisation that appeared with an existing, advanced knowledge of consciousness and time. No evidence precedes this evolution jump. The Denderah Zodiac is a time device detailing the evolution cycles of humanity and prophesy of End Times. A Stargate is an Einstein–Rosen dimensional portal device within the Stargate universe that allows rapid travel between two distant locations When full disclosure on extra-terrestrial life is released destroyed the truth will be written. In 2018, I was invited to the United Nations for my research and CE5 experiences in MetaPhysics and Contact

5. What is your track record? Ash trained at The College of Psychic Studies (CPS), London where she was mentored by President Suzanna McInnerry, and the finest channels, mediums and healers of last century. In 1999, she was talent-spotted as a new era metaphysics teacher and hired as pioneer of London’s young spirituality community. It was massive success. 1999- She was promoted to senior sensitive at CPS and an international career in Japan, China, Egypt, UK and USA emerged. Ash is now regarded as one of the finest metaphysics and New Era specialists in the world. She is author of WoundWeaver, Reality Revolution, Celestial Healing and Life Vision. She was invited to The United Nations in 2018 for her fieldwork in contact and metaPhysics. She is an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan. The Ark Abusir is located in front of Abusir Pyramids Complex. She creates social impact projects amidst an international career and research. The Ark Abusir sister-project is Habu Hotel & Ecolodge, Luxor. Ash is Founder of The Ark Magazine and The Ark Portal. She is one of eleven Global Visionaries of Artemes Team. Artemes is cryptocurrency for social Impact.

6. Why is earth science so critical? What are vortexes, portals and gateways? StarGates, vortexes and portals are intrinsic keys into quantum field, time and dimensions. When torsion field, earth-grid and biology is engaged we experience restructuring of reality. Applied quantum and consciousness sciences permit access to advanced gateways of evolution. This overwrites Matrix controlled gateways, negative intelligence manipulation and reverse-time lines. During times of trans humanism control agendas, education ultimately safeguards existence.

7. When working with gateways or dimensions safety is paramount. Please detail protection protocol. This is an important subject. We are experiencing increased collective orchestration, manipulation and gaslighting. Glitches in the Matrix tear open adverse gateways, dimensions, contact and timelines. At gateways we experience an astonishing universal range of intelligences. Our consciousness must be primed to detect, withstand and choose. Training is critical. In preparation for ancient gateways or dimensions entry- Purify Thought, Wound Reset, Kundalini Activation, MetaPhysics Activation and Sacred Connection. This is a minimum safety and training protocol. (Use The Ark Portal). Acknowledge Sacred Laws. This provenance is your ultimate protection. Honour earth as sacred. Regularly prepare your journeys and prophesy in advance of your gateway initiations. This may be months, weeks, hours in advance. Unconventionalthe gatekeeper is sacred called to an earth chakra or gateway. It is not conventional spirituality practice. Acknowledge Creator. You prepare your throne of power. I am sovereign. You master silence. This is an advanced initiation. Gateways are transdimensional- portals of contact. Gateways initiate metaPhysics, time-travel, authentic trauma-resolution, matrix-detox and sacred initiation. The purer you are in preparation and training, the more authentic your experience. Prepare the void as you retreat and silence. Only here are you protected and primed to listen. Sacred call your ancestors. I am sacred and sovereign, I acknowledge Creator. I acknowledge GodI and God/dess the creation of humanity May sacred laws protect and guide. I have five decades of quantum field and metaPhysics foundations. Protocol to enter gateways includes analysis and contact with ancient ones, ancestors, gatekeepers, extra-terrestrial and dimensional intelligence. Ultimately, training initiation is central to advanced ascension. A trained GateKeeper secures your safe journey.

8. What is an earth-chakra? What is the role of an earth-chakra in evolution? There is sustained, serial genocide and destruction of indigenous peoples, wisdom foundations and histories. Earth-chakra science is feared by agencies who control time and evolution. Here we uncover hybrid intelligence that meets time, ancestors, star-races and sacred-magic. This evolution is not restricted by Matrix nor genocide. Each earth-chakra is like a hard- drive of chronicles of time. In terms of evolution, at Gateways we revolutionise our evolution in entering time-lines, futures and ancient histories. This repairs false information on existence, soul, extra-terrestrial life and God. Earth-chakras are assigned as first gateways of Creation. The portals of Creator, Gods or starpeoples. Creation Histories are concentrated at earth-chakra hubs and documented portals of contact. For exampleUluru and The Ananga, Creation Origins-‘Python Woman and Deadly Snake Man fought a battle. This is Creation Law at Uluru.' Kuniya is the Woma Python snake and one of the key Creation Ancestors for Uluru. In the Tjukurpa, the beginning of time, the Kuniya people lived at the Rock and as with all Ancestral Beings have shaped its features with their activities. UAO sightings. For exampleMount Fuji and Shinto, Creation OriginsAmaterasu is the great goddess of the sun. An embodiment of the rising sun and Japan itself, she is the queen of the kami and ruler of the universe. It is from her the Imperial family claims descent, and their divine right to rule Japan. “The great and glorious kami who illuminates from Heaven.” Ōhirume-no-muchi-no-kami (⼤⽇孁貴神), “the great sun of the kami.” We identify earth-chakras as central to collective evolution and time. Earth-chakras have called mystics and visionaries since the beginning of time to enter truths on creation and our creationhistories. Earth-chakras are the technologies of advanced evolution. In Ancient Egypt, the Pyramid Texts demonstrate a spontaneous, evolutionary jump into writing. The Pyramid Texts: (2400-2300) are the oldest known religious texts. The Pyramid Texts were reserved for Pharaoh and were not illustrated. and mark the first written reference of the god Osiris. Abusir is known as the original ancient land of Osiris. Gateways are associated with star-peoples contact in creation histories. At Abusir Pyramids Complex there is glyph-evidence confirming human origins in Orion. The Ark Abusir is my Cairo project basefor my current research on the star-gates of The Pyramids Field. Advanced architecture structures and ceremony enshrines sacred time and returns the soul of Pharaoh to the ancestors in the stars. Sirius and Orion is referenced in The Pyramid Texts.

9. How does someone connect with earth chakra gateways? When the wind arrives in the gateway, I know and those with me, know the ancient ones have entered our time-line. Earth Chakras are pure, sacred portals, enshrining earth-grid convergences, mindblowing akashic libraries and contact. Truth and protection is sensational. Take no-thing of Matrix with you into the Gateway. Silence in Prayer. Detox. Honour the Ancient Ones and First Born of the Ancient Ones. Adhere to protocol on sacred messages for humanity and earth at one location. Tourism and Gateway Initiation is very different. The latter is the journey of Mystic. You life will not be the same again. During training, students enter truth, the resource of travelling. Accessing multi-earth chakra, grid-lines and grid-locations simultaneously requires education and initiation beyond Matrix.

10. You are a GateKeeper in Egypt, what do the ancient ones speak of, during these times? As humanity is orchestrated by false-time agencies and agendas, advanced souls are in high awareness states and response. Message from The Ancient Ones to aid the reset of your sovereign time-line. When the time comes those who have achieved inner light are called to sacred gateways. These gateways are undetectable to those who dismiss inner journey. They are not marked by false flags or convention. Refuse inrquality and persecution. As the destruction of the archaic goddess is accounted. The gateways go live. Each light, lights the gateway and time. The ancient ones primed in contracts for modern times. The ureaus and lotus explodes into birth in forbidden timelines. Each light is nourished in a thousand sacred cycles. AKashic invoked and sacred texts of creation story fired. Each light is protected. He or she journeys as enlightenment to the place of eternity that is here. He or she walks with the ancient ones. He or she stands with the ancient ones in the place of eternity now. May we pray to uncover these gateways. May you silence illusion for the secret place of eternity is forbidden without lotus and serpent. TraceyAsh.com 18 August 2021 


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