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Mentorship navigates your blind-spots and pauses in evolution and spiritual practices. Here we offer spiritual practices, awareness, transformation and reality individual mentorship based in AIMS TRAINING. We must first resolve our outstanding healing contracts and wounds. The Law of Evolution demonstrates there is no other way despite what you have been led to believe in mainstream superficial spirituality. Dedicated inner work processes and exceptional mentorship is essential.


For many it is the awakening. For many it is the time. The effect and impact of low density human beings is finally acknowledged and understood. Low density is low intelligence, reality has been deliberately high-jacked and compromised.  This is the truth and greatest crime committed against the ages of human existence, it is the greatest level of deceit and manipulation that forfeits mobilisation, integrity and right action to aid humanity and listen to the great goddess that is earth. 


We are the great sacred kings and sacred queens of earth. We bow only to sacred humanity. We now bow only to sacred earth. We bow only to sacred creator. 




Tracey Ash offers highest level Sacred Destiny Readings. World-class sacred contract analysis, detailed mission and sacred journey at its best. Here detailed information brings recalibration on mission and time-lines to activate evolution and revolution. 


These readings support new frontier human potential and new spirituality- with high frequency consciousness integration and overhaul. The transformational technologies operate quantum dimensional unlock on purpose, new consciousness and unprecedented journeys.


The frequency and density of your history is analysed, and overhauled to QUANTUM ACCELERATE your sacred contracts and service. This gifts revolutionary and unprecedented miracles, synchs, human potential and new journeys. This is the session for high-calibre transformation and manifestation for revolutionaries and evolutionaries.  



These ASCENSION UPGRADES revolutionise EVOLUTION and SACRED DESTINY. Your CAPACITY to contribute to humanity and earth is  awakened and unleashed. 


These sessions are designed for evolutionaries, revolutionaries and the new spiritual generation. One session can transform years of outstanding wound agendas. One session may resolve lifetimes of evolutionary pauses. These sessions are priceless in accurately detecting what now must be healed and awakened foe revolutionary life on earth. 


‘Every outstanding lifetime wound is finally acknowledged and resolved. Black Star finally enters the gateway of our central sun. Black Star does not meed to return. Black Star can choose a trans-dimensional, multi-verse. Black Star is free to select a new evolutionary journey. All contracts on earth are complete. I am a Black Star.’





Many require deep healing of wounds that lock out real progress on earth.  Many of us seek a tribe that unlocks and respects our deep inner knowing that contrasts with everything we have been trained to believe and create. We prepare for a massive collective transformation and awakening. We make visible our avatar for world change.


Tracey enters your timelines





Into The Void



 During a life-long quest of spiritual awakening, seeking questions and answers on existence, Tracey has experienced star-gates, ancient monuments, pyramids and tombs going live in extraordinary gateways of contact and ancient intelligence. This  universal shaman’s sacred work is defined by her journeys especially in Ancient Egypt, Japan, Europe and Australia. Earth wisdom called. The ancestors go live as the gatekeepers to her awakening quests. What she experiences and shares is quite extraordinary. 


This quest has taken her to ancestors, sites and universal beings to bring lost sacred secrets back to life. This she will share. You will experience profound awakening. 


This sacred initiation tears down the walls we place upon ourselves, weaving our wounds in the sacred threads and dance of our earth and universe. We travel timelines to finally heal and remember who we are. Our timelines determine who and what we meet on our journey. 


In our most authentic journeys we seek The Void. We often glimpse it but rarely hold on to it. For if we did our earth and humanity would be ablaze with the miracles that change our world. Miracles of sacred love that change lives and future. 


Our spiritual quests are often empty.  We stand in no revolutionary fire of enlightenment. We are often guided to look to the wrong places within ourselves. We often place greater importance to the loudest voices  not the silence of the sage. We are courted by illusion. This retreat resets this if you are ready.  


This journey takes with it many formidable questions on spiritual awakening. Who we are? What are the sacred keys of sacred woman initiation. What are we really being called to? What is the signature of our times as sacred women? 



This experience does not attach to mainstream, low density spirituality or consciousness training. You will be expected to be open to non-convention, smashing the hold of False Matrix stereotypes, values and ideals. Your willingness to commit is your first initiation. You will not venture further with us if you choose to stand in non-evolutionary approaches that includes apathy, unquestioned dogma and ineffective practices.


We are training avatars, change-makers and sacred woman. There can be no fence-sitting. Our reality is in crisis, clarity of evolution-is critical. We are creators. Every minutia is manifest. It is that time that we initiate greater sovereignty.

It is earned NOT learned. 


You are initiating the sacred tools of sacred warriors. This initiation is  everyone’s. But this initiation is not everyone’s choice or everyone’s time. If you see the shaman before you you enter the gateway of dreams. These initiates enter world-stage as avatars of change.


You will be expected to take 100% responsibility so no futile politics, drama, games nor deliberate manipulations or hijacks. There is no genuine initiation without following this protocol at all times. These individuals will be removed. 


What we will address-