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Ascension Teachings 1: Healing Guide

Our journeys explore every human emotion. This is our shared human experience. When we enter practice or conscious transformation we are often mesmerised by the story. Our pull to the perpetual story can be agonising- synching the same resonance themes. When approaching conscious transformation we can be more successful when we-

1: utilise simple peace processes, breath process that still and create space

2: remind ourselves that we are not only one story but be conscious of a life full of rich stories and experiences. Here are consciousness is the genius technology.

3: align with genuine mentor and healer to guide our journey. Here it is essential not to generically assume that all mentors are trained or awake in the same way. Do you research. This is your story and you require sacred honouring. Prepare to ask questions. Be aware of the tone and direction of guidance. Flags here are inability to offer new corridors of awareness on your story and possibilities of freedom. TRUTH- many facilitators are trained theorists- this is not TRANSFORMATION ABILITY.

4: know you can indeed help yourself- you are a powerful resource. Your life lessons are often designed to make you greater. We are constantly entering into life changing decisions on power and freewill. Write down your history and check into your power themes. Where you acknowledge imbalance power into the opposite. Here it is positive to commit to daily practice. Simple stillness so your questions and answers on self and life lessons can be revealed. Simple and slow means miracle and accelerates.

5: strengthen your biology- spend time in nature, exercise, conscious community, empowering, inspiring activities and nutrition.