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At Giza, Cosmos and Earth are powerfully held as one. The heart of ancient earth in the heart of sacred cosmos- Sirius. The heart of humanity is anchored at the heart of sacred cosmos. Primordial Earth and Cosmos ever converging, emerging and radiating super-power at this spectacular ancient monument and earth power site. The Great Pyramids and Sphinx hang from the cosmos, anchored in the granite below. Forbidding quantum generators- incredible, quantum monuments of recorded infinite knowledge of who man is and what humanity may be beyond this time, beyond this era of knowledge and beyond a limited consciousness we hold on to. The site at Giza is a massive power centre for the transmission of Cosmic Christ and Divine Feminine, of divinity beyond words. It is here, we experience unique, quantum initiations where the Great Halls of Knowledge only reveal to those who may truly see in time, out of time, beyond all time. Here, this initiation is only consciousness- no rituals. For me, it is the world’s most sacred, cosmic epi-centre beyond all sacred centers. The site at Giza has profoundly different dating- from orthodox Egyptology theories of 2520-2494 BC to theories of alternative historians such as John Anthony West, that suggest 10,000 to 5000 BC. It is indeed a story of all stories.

I image The Path of the Initiate- a profound, unstoppable, calling. Perhaps of many lives. Beyond all experiences only in truth. IT unfolds in every experience. IT awakens alchemy and truth in billions of subtle, potent quantum potentials. Those potentials are you, IT in many, many forms. IT draws magic of eternal and divinity ever closer as a reality that can be touched, reached, awakened as LIGHT. I merge. Within this, many moments, many hours of awakening, simply being, experiencing, living. Our visit at Giza lasts more than eight hours. This is during my Return to Light Tour.

In the Second Great Pyramid, Khafra, the Divine Feminine eternally awakens us. As I lie in the deep velvet granite of the sarcophagus in the vast chamber, in the darkness, I become HER. I become one. In time and out of time- I flow, I transform. Afterwards, I sit next to the sarcophagus, I acknowledge the Divine Feminine as I view a momentary world. She views the world through me, touching me. I see clearly and deeply the six people present. It is many moments of Divinity- knowing SHE looks through me. Illusions, distractions, reality melts away. The Divine Feminine holds sacred and eternal presence, in older eternal knowledge beyond these words. All else is fractional time. It matters only that I become her, that I know her. This is a master key for understanding world and cosmos, and influencing destiny in new super-consciousness codes, new DNA and new super-health. On the wall, two great images of archangel Michael and Gabriel manifest in seconds. The chamber is filled with intense energy, solid, powerful, manifesting and continually transforming me in every second. We bathe in the celestial silence. I ponder how the world could be.

I walk Giza as the ancients- in barefoot in the searing sun of the afternoon. I gently avoid the modern world distractions by playing ‘in’ and ‘out’ of focus. I live in those eight hours in the eternal knowledge of this site- in the many lives I have walked here. I experience my truth- my destiny. I ponder over eternal contracts- of many lives of initiation, of alchemy, of light, of super-consciousness codes that may positively direct future events for all time, not fractional time. This illusion is always eventually deconstructed. In grateful surprise, during this initiation of November 2012, I know that I am awakened for all eternity- that humanity will awaken for all eternity. I am reminded of the speed of world change and that eternal knowledge is always present in super-peace. This is an eternal love and endless knowledge beyond self or humanity. This is the miracle of Giza mirroring the miracle of self and humanity.

In Cheops, The King’s Chamber and Grand Hall is stark, simple, vast, and monumental. A divine site of sacred union for Man and Cosmos so indeed it is no surprise that Da Vinci’s Creation of Adam is held and physically manifest before me in the great cosmic mirror of the granite walls that have recorded humanity and time. It is divine. Christ Consciousness is my vision, is in my heart. Silence intensifies. The fire in peace intensifies my awareness of destiny and my mission to earth and humanity at this time. Profound peace. No personality, no limitations, no linear time, no end, no beginning. I experience simple quantum timelessness. It is only my breath that keeps bringing me back to the moment I live. I could stand, then sit and surrender forever at this sacred, iconic site. This is an incredible earth power site, a star gate power-directing Cosmic Christ. The original Christ Consciousness emerges once again. In the twenty first century as an urgent humanity and planetary change. It is a cosmic knowledge that must be personally experienced to ignite transformation and wisdom. This is an eternal knowledge that is forever revealed through my many initiations revealing the secret knowledge for groundbreaking world change, again and again.