Tracey Ash

Ash was invited to the United Nations in 2018. Since 1999 she has dedicated to service to humanity; advancing personal and collective evolution at ancient gateways, conferences and training events in USA, Japan, Egypt, Dubai, China, Australia, UK and Europe. 2020, she was invited as first Global Leader of Artemes Global. 2022, she was invited as an IONS Research Partner. Autumn 2022, she works with Shiroh Tenge Sony CEO. Progress your consciousness, awakening transformation with gateway transmissions that fortify, encrypt and protect your bio-field, emotional intelligence and mind from ancient-sites, earth-grid corridors and gateway-vectors of Ancient Egypt. Ash lives in Egypt opposite The Medinet Habu Temple with her Siberian husky Anubis Bowie. Director of Hotels Made With Love and global projects on the critical connection between ancient history and evolution. Ash's vision is grassroots innovative, emphasising equality and social impact. The Ark Abusir retreat-hotel is located in front of Sahare Pyramid, Abusir Pyramid. Our sister-retreat-hotel is Habu Hotel EcoLodge, in front of Medinet Habu Temple, Luxor. Ash designed and built these projects in 2020/21 and prepared for the earth changes. Ash is an innovator and influencer of new era thought, emotional intelligence and spiritual values that transform our world. She has built a legacy of cutting-edge training, retreats and events. Her journeys of mysticism and quantum field awaken revolution. Ash dreams meticulous retreat spaces in ancient gateways for world-class wellness events. These spaces and programs call us to action as influencers and agents of change. Ash is quantum awake, acknowledging the science and benefits of sacred spaces and gateways, and savvy unplugging from the matrix. Track Record Ash trained at The College of Psychic Studies, where she was mentored by President Suzanna McInnerry, and the finest channels, mediums and healers of last century. In 1999, she was talent-spotted as a new wave metaphysician in her twenties, and was promoted to creator and pioneer of its London community of young adults. 1999- 2022 Ash works with giants of our community and industry, regarded as one of the finest metaphysics and Ancient Egypt specialists in the world. Partnerships Imagine One Earth, Hotels Made With Love, IONS, Emoto, Thrive, Artemes Global, SONY, Dr Bruce Lipton, Iyashi Fair Japan, Voice, Natural Spirit, Synchronicity Japan, Conscious Life Expo, New Living Expo, El Aura, Mominoki House, London WellBeing Festival, New Life Expo, Findhorn, Natural Spirit, Channel Four, Kindred Spirit, Tokyo Sports News, Don Conreaux.
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Healing Crisis Training 15 Hours Recordings

15 hours of recorded teachings and training on frequency, new era protocols, energy, wellness, intelligence,...
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Goddess School 20 Hours Recordings

Thursdays 15 September- 17 November 2022, 20:00 ET /21:00 GMT Live Zoom or Recording 20...
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WoundWeaving, Gateways and Sovereign Protection 15..

Fifteen hours of recorded, live seminars on personal and collective reset where our previous lives...
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Full Moon Gateways Monthly Transmissions 2023..

Every month Ash activates.community, collective mind and earth grid for new era consciousness, purification and...
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Trauma Reset and Gateways 10 Week..

In the genius of esoteric and quantum sciences worlds blindingly unite in dreams, visionary prediction,...
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Soul School

Every Ash lives on Medinet Habu Temple and shares the sacred legacies and secrets of the...