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The New Spirituality Era

LONDON 18 September 2021

If we are to save humanity and earth we must revolutionise consciousness. Sovereign in commitment to truth, love and humanity.

Ash shares a reality revolution in sacred initiations and quantum gateways. A new paradigm of spiritual and emotional intelligence to transform wound and karmic response. 

Ash shares wisdom and ethics in solving inequality, pain, suffering by initiating a dream of sacred existence and service.

The current spiritual paradigm has been failing spiritual seekers for some time.  A mystic,  Ash does not teach but initiates:

Sacred Destiny

Health Protection: Matrix Anarchy & Detox

Trauma & Programs: WoundWeave

Spirituality Ethics Reset

Grass-roots Sacred Time & MetaPhysics Science


Ash is a British, international metaPhysics specialist since 1999. A visionary activist of New Era Spirituality,, original-thought and ethics for social impact.. Creator of The Ark Magazine,  Ash lives in Egypt. The Ark Retreat is opposite Abusir Pyramids. The Ark’s sister-project is Habu Hotel EcoLodge.