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Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing

Title: Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing
Published by: Findhorn Press
Release Date: 2015
Contributors: Tracey Ash
ISBN13: 9781844096633

Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing is a super-simple, super-energy healing experience exploring key ancient wisdom traditions for the twenty-first century and secret ancient super-speed transformation technologies that can instantly manifest groundbreaking, new possibilities, miracles and dreams. What we all crave in any transformational journey is a consciousness that brings immense peace and super-energy potential and positive action. Celestial Healing super-powers your personal journeys of transformation and provides ways into super-energy at vital turning points of life and progression. Secret Ancient Egyptian wisdom has been unlocked during the author's incredible journeys to Egypt and major earth power sites around the planet since the Arab Spring of 2011. Her narrative with forgotten ancient knowledge unlocked an outstanding, mind-boggling, simple knowledge for super-speed healing and awakening. This is the insider’s knowledge we need to know, definitively leaving yesterday’s outdated limitations behind. Celestial Healing gives the essential 'know how' to super-transform and super-manifest change for individuals eager to contribute to urgent, positive earth and world healing. The question is how? These secrets have been revealed. This book takes you on journeys to awaken AVATAR super-energy codes that change your vision and potential to manifest world and earth change. It embraces forgotten ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions, explores ancient alchemy origins and technologies of super-awakening and super-healing that redefine possibilities of transformation and life. This book shares the author's journey of how consciousness and energy potential can be easily transformed and unlocked in simple understanding of complex secret, ancient wisdom technologies that can super-accelerate you every single day. Are you interested in how you may redefine possibilities of your life? Are you interested in changing worlds? Are you interested in what human potential progress can achieve? Are you interested in how you can anchor the new, super-energy consciousness or AVATAR codes that awaken positive self and world? Are you interested in leaving old limitations and creating groundbreaking new you? Are you interested in living fully in super-energy consciousness in knowledge that works simply, practically and effectively? This book is the new super-simple, a new, super-cosmic alchemy that changes lives and worlds forever. Celestial Healing creates positive change for you now and anchors super-energy consciousness to manifest a life beyond yesterday every day. This is big stuff in this little book! Based on two decades of research of super-energy technologies and international mentoring and training, this book of new healing frontiers was ignited by the author's Return to Light Tours geared to super-speed transformation, vision and incredible purpose for twenty first century living and change. Since 1999, she has worked with conscious individuals who wish to contribute to positive world change together. This journey accelerated further during the Arab Spring of 2011, at the ancient earth power sites and monuments of Egypt, in super-meditations designed for super-accelerated self and world healing and contribution. This unlocked the vital super-energies that deliver significant contribution and change despite an uncertain world! This has led her to now work at monumental earth wisdom and power sites, worldwide. These sites anchor the super-energy codes to power beyond-dreams transformation for individuals who think differently, know differently, dream differently, who are creating the change for a pro-humanity and pro-earth. This not only takes vision and courage but the super-energy levels to create and contribute effectively, in freedom and peace, as spiritual warriors of change.

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