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10 Weeks Online 7 pm London

28 December 2019, 5 April 2020

We recognise your value, you unlock illusion, unravel low frequency, unwind low density stereotypes. The unremarkable falls away vividly presented because your your choice in evolution and awareness. You enter THE ASCENSION.

CUTTING-EDGE PSI TRAINING. You will be trained to detect the difference between unremarkable, generic projection and truth, genuine PSI abilities and remarkable gifts.

  1. You will immerse in science and process of quantum and finally initiating quantum transmissions. We will explore the reality of consciousness, pineal, unconscious and sub-consciousness.
  2. Quantum & timelines. Deep exploring processes and initiation to access timelines. Awakening pineal and third eye evolves our avatar and genius. We not only increase awareness but are capable of smashing reality convention and limitations.
  3. Past, Present, Future. Immerse in science and process. How you can finally influence your deeper historical healing to unlock your present and future. The avatar is freed from repeat wound experiences and repeat theme contracts.
  4. Historical imprints, wounds and ancestral implants. This session quantum transforms and restores. This session is essential for new levels of quantum energy release. We are highly concerned about the wound written into current reality structures. We are witnessing reality traps, 3D timeline attachments, toxic structures and stress manipulation. Learning to heal, clean and clear is essential. Your awareness is finely tuned in this process. This safeguards and protects  you as avatar.
  5. Initiate quantum and zero-point activation at all chakra points to overhaul and rebalance your stories, unresolved contracts to upgrade your outer reality. Here we deep cleanse and deep awaken. At the centre of quality awareness training is zero-point. As Tesla referred. It is revolutionary in human potential. It is revolutionary in reality.
  6. Initiate zero-point, here you will be trained in meticulous quantum awareness training. This training is new frontier as we step over previous lower density gateways. We recalibrate what awareness training means for revolutionising reality, solutions and intelligent living. This has huge humanity and earth impact implications. Here we influence the 3D timeline in high-frequency gateways. If you are considering how you exceed previous personal and industry awareness levels these sessions are for you.
  7. Continuing THEME OF 6- Initiate zero-point.
  8. Channelling- your quantum matrix goes LIVE as we activate more power and PSI capabilities. Here information access and data is increased. You will learn about the quantum polarities of inter-dimensions. You will access trans-dimensional intelligence that is aiding planetary ascension during these immensely critical times of survival.
  9. TRAINING FOR SURVIVAL. This is an urgent subject as our earth and environment is constantly hijacked by technology toxins (4G & 5G) and False Matrix impact. This session will aid you in CORE LIFE FORCE ACTIVATION. We believe here it is SACRED & META-PHYSICS will save humanity.
  10. AVARAR DREAMING. Conscious Dreaming, Third Eye Activation, Quantum Intention. You will be introduced to these concepts for the first time. This is repeat training process for ONLY dedicated students of all abilities willing to question ego and false attachments.