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Ascension Teachings 62: Travelling the Star Gates

These months of 2018 have been extraordinary. I have been initiated into earth wisdom secrets beyond the laws of negative patriarchy and toxic elitism. These laws contaminate sacred wisdom, earth wisdom and realities beyond our greatest sacred and complete dreams. Our sacred destiny is calling us. Our reality and how we create it being called into profound evaluation. We are being called to question our own human resource and sovereignty and how it is employed in the False Matrix. Our intelligence is being called into question. The questions we must ask should not be superficial. We must enter deepest self-questioning and new quests of personal healing that frees us finally from the laws of elite power that does not serve humanity and evolution best. We are all bonded in to this story by ancestors, DNA, stories, beliefs, information, frequency, and our human collective journey. We belong in this story until we acknowledge and experience ourselves as more.

Sacred work is essential. In our schedules we can be blinded and bound by a multiple-agenda. Here often we only have access to 3D resource at best 4D to solve the challenges of The False Matrix. Do we care deeply enough to be sacred change? Often we falsely claim spirituality in superficial experiences and information. This little impacts extraordinary evolution.

So the time has come to question our attachments so we can enter the gateway of sacred reality. Here we finally listen. When we listen to this reality- it is the weave of all dimensions that is finally restored. What we believe is where our reality is. Look deep within and look deep within your reality. The answers are here.

I love travelling the star-gates. Here I am home.

11th May 2018