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Ascension Teachings 59: The New Frontier

The New Frontier brings a merging of timelines. As Sacred Warriors and Guardians of a New Sovereignty as a species our awareness must now recognise and respond to the horror of ALL INEQUALITY that justifies war, domination, misinformation, elite power agendas of any kind. This journey starts within our own beliefs. Awareness is critical to call out and respond on an IN LIFE BASIS. Being more awake and more present ensures that we SEE and LISTEN. Register the bias agendas.

This week I found myself in what could have been a fascinating debate but due to gender and cultural bias, instead I was attacked for presenting knowledge and evidence NOT widely known but academically accepted.

Previous educational models have often engineered learning of memorised information. Without carefully applied questioning there is always failure. This we can apply to our current world crisis today. We can indeed perpetuate false information and bias if we lack the willingness to bravely question and progress current paradigms.

My constant work and research at site is dedicated to discovering greater awareness and intelligence. GOING BEYOND and opening to new intelligence is now our calling. For those awake and awakening it is now time. Our world is at critical mass meltdown. Every conscious thought, feeling, word, action saves our future. Where are you in what comes next?

12th April 2018