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Ascension Teachings 56: False Matrix Free

A good teacher will guide you to your unique destiny where your lessons of life are your guide and wisdom. Initiating this path is a fragile one as you must navigate the FALSE MATRIX & ELITE POWER AGENDA that carefully manipulates your reality. We have blond spots that misfire our take on who we are and what reality is. Our GUIDES must be FALSE MATRIX FREE. This means exceptional teachers. It concerns me in this current data overload where there is a misleading KNOW-IT-ALL perception because one has read or researched. in every generation we are being called to remove toxic programming set in frequency. We don’t just CHOOSE OUR REALITY. We are of course massively influenced by the methods of spiritual practice we choose, our awareness, evolution and MAINTENANCE is REVOLUTIONARY. It is NOT just BELIEF SYSTEMS but meta-physics and frequency. Our deep work is on the WOUND. You do require and exceptional guide to hold you. These are the story wounds of humanity. You are NOT excluded. Again an exceptional guide will disclose this, heal this and reset your destiny potential. An exceptional teacher will always guide you to more- not less, more perfection, more sacred beauty. If they can not they are NOT worthy guides or mentors. The exceptional mentor never locks you in limited beliefs- because the exceptional mentor recognises this is NOT worthy teaching. This guide has no interest- instad is always seeking more to give more. This guide is your future- the inter-galactic shaman showing you the way to more. You are indeed honoured in your own unique destiny. You are never ALONE. Beware your ego….exceptional guides gift extraordinary destiny and future. They see far beyond. They stand in the outer limits. Forever sacred initiating in service just for you and humanity.

25th March 2018