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Ascension Teachings 55: Zero Point

The zero point is critical in every cycle, of life and death, of day and night, of breakdown and breakthrough. It was believed that during The Equinox, the exact zero point between two cycles, opens a portal or gateway between earth and cosmos through which Divinity radiates.
It is here, we can influence our reality and future. This is The Source Codes gateway. The gateway to magnificent manifestation.
The exact alignment of The Great Pyramid during Spring Equinox falls on 21/22 March and creates no shadow. This is the date on which we filmed the Source Codes in 2011 at The Mortuary Temple of Rameses Ⅲ, Luxor.
Osiris is celebrated with The Spring Equinox connecting The Great Pyramid site with Chirist and Osiris. Osiris connects us during this period with the similar Celtic Green Man, Roman Attis, Babylonian Tammuz and Sumerian Damuzi.
Within The Great Pyramid architecture, Chirist Consciousness becomes very exciting.
This is our own story of rebirth.

21st March 2018