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Ascension Teachings 49: Uluru

ULURU, AUSTRALIA, CONTACT EVIDENCE + COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. We are four women. The Four Directions meeting at Uluru in January 2018.. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. All sisters and mothers. All global travellers. I was speaking at Cosmic Consciousness Conference. Earth hired the car. We headed to The Rock for sunset.

Months before we were called to step inside the bigger sacred picture. A bigger journey of souls and a bigger experience of dimensions. I knew this purpose as Air. Since childhood Air had been waiting for this invitation. Air knew her future. We were called by Gaia to listen very carefully. First to listen to the ancestors, and at every star-gate that called and then contact. Two of us travelled from London. The others travelled across Australia. Friends tied by Air.

Our meditations and stories were exchanged in an intense beautiful all day every day. Time and reality was the practice. New Time and New Reality became the practice. We entered universe way beyond ordinary. Air knew the ancestors had been waiting to speak. It was simple. There was no other agenda but listening. Time stood still and we opened our eyes upon the universe. The stars showed us stories and dances with contact.

Hearts wide open like children. We welcomed in every sign as Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We delighted in every every synchronicity that painted reality in gold. We laughed and laughed. We cried, we surrendered our truths and the old redundant stories that has tied us ti mundane. We closed the doors on the False Matrix. We shared truths and secrets. And Uluru gifted us the opening of many corridors for our honesty and wonder. We were sacred children of Gaia again. Awake we knew all powerful intelligence must be respected. Air was Sacred Guardian. Protector and protected. Like the train of eternity the ancestors knew and recognised her. She was one of them. They whispered to Air and Earth at the same time, ‘We have always been here.’

6th March 2018