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Ascension Teachings 44: Star Gates

STAR GATES take us on extraordinary journeys…..Here we revolutionise world. We weave all wounds and dreams. ..we perceive reality, we strip false attachments, false reality structures and false time-lines fall away. Of course this can take us into deep spiritual awakening that profoundly pushes us beyond our unconscious safety zones. Here even if we understand a little in terms of humanity and earth- we may still fence-sit contemplating instead of contributing to positive change. My work at sites is a practice into deep listening to self, humanity and earth- it is brave and essential new frontier work. It takes you repeatedly to the edges of self, into powerful initiation and evolution where acceptance on our current evolution status can be questioned and overhauled. When we tear down unconscious walls within we open the corridors for powerful and effective contribution. This work is about deep listening to our sacred calling, honouring this and creating from immaculate humanity values. Here we revolutionise world. We weave all wounds and dreams.

21st February 2018