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Ascension Teachings 42: Back to the Basics

We have to go back to fundamental basics of good spiritual practise, good meditation practise, good energy work as well and good work of light and really understanding what that is. I think once we really, really do make that decision, once anyone makes that decision, to be a light worker, to lead the way by being light, then you’re choosing the story that is all about evolution and love and awareness and responsibility and really moving into that place where you are completing a cycle of healing. If you see it as completing a cycle of healing so that there’s one more of us in terms of humanity tipping the balance the right way, then I think so many more people would wake up and do the work and maybe not be so prone to lean on individuals who certainly at times profess to be healers but they’re not. You know, that’s interesting in itself. I love what healing’s about, but I think it should be an intrinsic part of our day to day lives and often I find incredible healing in an exchange with someone who’s just blindingly authentic and it’s dazzling. That in itself is, and should be, where the joy of healing is. I think maybe healing should be regarded as being joyful so that we move out of the paradigm of pain and suffering and we move into light and evolution and love and truth. That’s where we’re going and I think that’s where the reframe is required so that we’re not shutting out the glory of healing and the glory of light and the glory of spirituality and the joy of it and the fun of it and the intelligence of it, you know? It’s in the magically wondrous time in terms of what we can step into and how we can raise the bar as potential healers in every moment in life, but that does take some questioning. Now, depending on your frequency, your ability to work with any technology is going to be either opened or limited. It’s that getting into the genius of your consciousness will allow you to use any healing technology, any mediation technology, to it’s best potential. When our consciousness is amazing and excellent and complete and in oneness, and we’re going to be working in a quantum way, that means we can witness the stories of other people without imprinting them with our toxic stories, and that’s what we’ve got to aim for, each and every one of us. When we do that, then light becomes viral, and also it’s tipping the balance in a massive, accelerated evolutionary process. That’s what the new kids are all about. They’re all about oneness. It takes us into recognising that every story is our own story.

28th January 2018