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Ascension Teachings 41: Travelling Out of Time

The ancient Egyptians speak about in time and out of time, it’s the concept of 3-D and then extending into 5-D. You need to be in the moment to be able to travel out of it. There’s almost a movement with those metaphysics, with that type of spirituality. It’s about frequency. It’s about really recognising that we must use all of our consciousness, and that is about bringing our awareness right into this present moment as she’s described. It’s about our physicality, it’s about the alignment, it’s about the embodiment and then our awareness can join all the dots and make sense of our existence and the reasons behind our life events as well.
It’s all about playing with those concepts and paradox so that in time and out of time. So key is this listening and listening to what embodiment is and being conscious and really striving to be awake and remembering to be awake as well. It’s such an exciting time to be around people who are stretching the parameters, the frontiers, of say five years ago, a decade ago. It’s almost as if now, at this present moment in time for humanity, there’s so many parts of soul that’s now available. The wisdom, the eternal wisdom’s available to us now and we are able to see and make sense of more of our reality, but also at the same time to push the frontiers of what reality is as well. There’s a really significant opening doorway where we can question our reality, we can question our existence, so that we can also start then to shape it as well and again, that goes back to that be aligned, being in that embodiment, being in that moment and then you have that mastery which then allows you to manifest a new frontier. We are consistently, constantly reshaping the possibilities of who we are and who we can be and that becomes exciting in our relationships with people who are doing the same.

26th January 2018