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Ascension Teachings 40: June 2017

At the end of June 2017, we swam with three pods of wild dolphins. As our boat sailed out to the reef, we travelled through wormholes and untapped star-gates in Egypt. That night, sleeping under the stars, I dreamed of Sirius and the Sirians” contact with Ancient Egypt where a legacy of advanced knowledge was gifted. I believe this knowledge is encrypted in Ancient Egypt, power-sites, our DNA- indeed through the indigenous peoples of Egypt and indeed Africa. My dream spoke of the connection with The Zulu and their contact with Sirius. I woke in deep peace. In David Icke’s documentary on Uluru, the spectacular indigenous women speak of their ancient origins in Ancient Egypt 40,000 years before. Our sacred calling to truly sacred power-sites is often arranged on time-loops. Power-sites are the genius technologies that assist contact and humanity aid. Genuine contact experiences not only change us forever but miraculously transform our world because we no longer attach to elite power control. This smashes how we create reality and applies an understanding of high frequency, 100% self-responsibility and sacred human values to every moment we choose to create. Here we are no longer dreaming of change but creators of it.

Over the night sky of The Great Pyramids, another contact experience took place, in November 2016. This was a group contact experience for my tour. As we meditated at The Sphinx, i opened my eyes to see the image of SEKMET being drawn + manifest across the night sky in Cairo. My tour group witnessed this incredible contact- the photo below shot this contact experience. We journeyed on in November to access incredible zero-point technologies. When we have no attachments, the education begins.

In September 2017, as we meditated in the silence of the Nile, on the stunningly quiet East Bank in Luxor, the Lion People of Sirius manifested. These pro-peace beings are incredibly tall- around 5-7 metres circling + holding us in a phenomenal transformation energy matrix. This contact demonstrated their sacred presence guiding humanity-‘taking my breath away during meditation preparation with my group travelling to Aswan. Contact experiences are amplified in + near water. As we know Ancient Egypt is built on an incredible and hugely secret system of underground water channels that were built to reinforce, lens-focus and amplify the power of the monuments as technologies for time-travel and ET wisdom legacies for future human survival. I believe a global network of super-intelligent power-sites were created for inter-dimensional travel, time-travel and contact to ensure humanity’s survival. These are encrypted and loaded with the secrets of this ancient past. These sites display a super-advanced understanding and respect for science of our earth, universe + time. These sites demonstrate we have all that we need right here to overhaul reality + ensure survival.

23rd November 2017