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Ascension Teachings 39: Reality Can Be Extraordinary

I have lived with proof daily since childhood.. our reality can be extraordinary. Our own reality can overturn chaotic and anti-evolutionary world. For years i have educated mainstream individuals- savvy in recognising cutting edge requires intelligence that is not conventional. I educate on how training and practices progress life quality, creativity, intelligence, peace, health finally ramping up into mind-blowing consciousness, meta-physics, origins & contact. If we are to create positive change within- our greatest consideration is the ‘dumbing down’ of humanity. Consciousness training smashes the programming and reality that is accepted without question. In quality consciousness training we are equipped to tackle this.
In solidly acknowledging and transforming what we believe we transform possibilities. My work has no hint of unrealistic new age. We have an opportunity here on this planet. We have an obligation to ourselves, our families and humanity if we question what we believe as reality. We wake up. We have power to create extraordinary change. We have power to generously share, give and create beyond elitism. Every child who is educated is set free. Every individual who is reached is gifted opportunity. The choice is ours, is yours.

19th November 2017