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Ascension Teachings 34: Time For Purpose

Make time to meditate on your purpose. Refine what your purpose may be, moment by moment, in meditation practice and life. Every day you can access a little more, a little deeper understanding. Humility is required as you enter knowing, drop arrogance and you enter what can be an eternal journey of know- ing and understanding who you are. The path of destiny is the only path of truly knowing yourself. Here, you must surrender to the very purpose of your existence and your contracts of learning and wisdom. Surrendering to destiny, concerns absolute honesty and integrity. Despite all illusions you make, when you make them, if you don’t awaken, you create for the next generations too. This is what being a new healer is, a positive influencer, breaking with rigid convention to be incredible change. When we listen deep, deep down to the path of destiny, life makes sense, life experiences are resolved, we surrender in peace. We become who we are because we have stopped fighting. The path of destiny holds the path of silence and the path of new warrior-ship close. This is an intelligent path that defeats the generic, the lacklustre life that too many individuals accept and keep on creating.

18th October 2017