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Ascension Teachings 31: Resolving Daily

Daily practise has to be about resolving those 3D issues we compete with on a day-to-day basis in terms of who we choose to be or who we allow ourselves to be. We get into 3D, we get disconnected with our authentic self and our authentic resource. We lose touch and base with our innate wisdom, our innate power. We lose touch with that resource that could quite easily direct us in far healthier choices, especially in terms of love and loving relationships and loving individuals.
That’s quite important. Time and space allows us to be self-aware, allows us to be world-aware. It equally allows us to be razor sharp in terms of our own self-awareness and what we resonate with and what we manifest within the context of our lives and our journeys. Practise is critical, is essential in terms of changing your reality and then also changing what you have resonated with in terms of your truths and in terms of your life lessons and in terms of your contracts with other human beings. You’re transforming the whole landscape of your reality. 3D is a slower journey. It belongs to a whole process and a whole process in life where your life lessons and the relationships you have with people are there to serve as mirrors in terms of what you need to transform in yourself. As you move into that time and that space and the resource of really understanding who you are and your authentic self and the self, the end all of those 3D layers and stories, then you move into something far greater.