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Ascension Teachings 3: Listening

I began searching for information on listening. Listening- using awareness and immaculate intuition not only self but others. I couldn’t find the material on this subject to share! BIG SURPRISE in our human potential arena. To go beyond mindfulness. To reach into a vast ocean of stillness and open self or another human being. How many of us can be that still. Can we listen to self beyond drama waves. When we engage with other human beings we often contaminate a beautiful connection with the imprint we force upon another human being. Because we repeatedly fail in listening to ourselves. Our healing agenda is on replay. When we listen we cut through the conflict-noise that masks the same theme we refuse to resolve. We fail in listening to ourselves. We fail in listening to others. We fail in listening to our partners, our friends and our children. Be brave, be still, be silent. Then sacred self reveals. This self is the powerhouse of wisdom and listening. This self heals and loves all.

10th June 2017