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Ascension Teachings 29: Navigating Our Own Stories

If we can personally navigate all of our own stories, once you understand that then you’re designed to navigate the bigger picture stories. What needs to happen within the context of what I believe is a spiritual revolution, which it is, the revolution is actually in believing we can create it. The revolution is in being aware, it’s about waking up. It’s about recognising how we take that opportunity in terms of our future and we navigate ourselves intelligently. It’s all about choosing it. You can’t fake it, you have to choose it. For many individuals, that prospect is absolutely terrifying. Why? Because you are finally free of all of the drama and all of the distractions that make us lesser human beings. Okay? Super interesting stuff. You’ve run out of excuses. No more excuses, yeah? We kind of go back full circle to the first question I asked you. What’s your dream in terms of your purpose and the second is let’s completely demolish, let’s blow up the excuses. Let’s completely demolish the excuses.

8th October 2017