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Ascension Teachings 27: The Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt were designed to hardwire and amplify power of divinity and universe within individual and world. This is the path of initiate and pharaoh. Today, Giza is still a global epi-center of an infinite wisdom seed of humanity. The brilliant white limestone casing is alabaster or limestone calcite originated as liquid, ANKH uAS is ‘sap of life’ and ANKH is ‘life’. Alabaster is white pure or clear. Calcite alabaster is found as a stalagmite deposit, from limestone caverns connected with archaic ritual, or travertine in springs of calcareous water. Its most famous place of origin in ancient Egypt is HAT-NuB or ‘house of gold’. HAT-NuB is located twenty kilo-meters southeast of Tel el-Amarna. This information connects us with The Hermetic Opus. Hat-nub is chamber or house of gold. Hat-nub is the sarcophagus chamber in tombs, the workshops where statues of the neteru were created and the place in the Serapeum where the statue of Osiris was placed. Osiris encapsulates eternity. Our eternity is known through alchemy. Alchemy transforms frequency, unlocking time, vision and reality. The monuments at Giza demonstrate advanced technologies, facts that are spectacular even to modern conventional minds. According to Mark Lehner, Director of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, its height is 481 feet or 146.59 metres, this gives 1460 or 1461 years that correlate with the Sothic calendar (or Sirius star system). 51°50°40 yields the decimal number 25.9222222: this is the Platonic cycle of 25,920 years. As we now move into the next world phase, into the next 25,920 years cycle, the new template of humanity ignites rebirth and resurrection. The ancients en- coded this ancient information at Giza. The next evolutionary phase of humanity blows open elite power structures. Ancient Egypt is critical in understanding the next phase of world change. Ancient Egypt holds missing information key in our evolution.

6th October 2017