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Ascension Teachings 26: Acknowledgment

What you’ve got to remember is we have free will on the planet. So, if we can’t acknowledge ourselves, then we don’t have free will. And acknowledging ourselves means that we must recognise all parts of ourselves, and all parts of our history, and all parts of our human nature, and all the realities, and all the stories. And that shows us the way when we’re operating authentically. And when we choose the right way, the path of truth, the path that is about the heart then we begin to enter into the incredible reality of the universe and what’s out there beyond a 3D consciousness. And then we start to answer those questions around, “What is our human existence? What is the purpose? What is the meaning of our existence?”, being able to witness and experience and answer those questions and be touched by those realities, that’s what heals us. And I believe that more than any healing strategy or beyond any technology in terms of meditation or awareness processes, what we must be touched by is the sacred, the divine. We should be looking to our hearts, to loving ourselves and to loving the planet and loving other human beings. We begin to align ourselves and when we align, we are, in a very simple way, profound healers at every dimension of our lives. And alignment is a geometry that fits, that is perfectly balanced, that connects and fits with all. That’s powerfully impactful. A lot of it’s powerfully impactful. But it’s very important that we understand what it is so that we can maintain it. And I think that’s what’s fascinating about these times because these times are designed by the 3D to be highly stressful and highly turbulent. Drama attacks our life source and our resource, which in turn attacks and compromises our energy system, which in turn forces us to live in a 3D illusionary reality, which is why we become immensely unhappy and unhealthy. So, it’s immensely important to align ourselves with the resonance that is so much more powerfully positive and healthy.

6th October 2017