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Ascension Teachings 24: Purpose

5D means you’re awake, you’re listening, you’re aligned with your purpose, you’re aligned with a really strong sense of who you are and what reality is. And that will make you far more likely to follow your true and highest frequency path, and an ever increasing highest frequency purpose and destiny. So, your purpose is your divinity, your divinity is your purpose. Your purpose is your divinity, your divinity is your purpose. And in that reality, you will maintain optimum health, optimum well-being. You’re supercharging the potential of the mind, you’re supercharging the potential of the heart, and you’re supercharging your physical energy levels. And what you’re doing is a reality revolution. And that takes you into revolutionising time and what you do with your life and your time on the planet, huge stuff. And it revolutionises how you learn and the strategies you employ within the context of your path, and how you revolutionise miracles and synchronicities, and how you are so awake you recognise the synchronicities and the prophecies in your life.

4th October 2017