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Ascension Teachings 17: The Heart of Sacred Cosmos

At Giza, Cosmos and Earth are powerfully held as one. The heart of ancient earth in the heart of sacred cosmos- Sirius. The heart of humanity is anchored at the heart of sacred cosmos. Primordial Earth and Cosmos ever converging, emerging and radiating super-power at this spectacular ancient monument and earth power site. The Great Pyramids and Sphinx hang from the cosmos, anchored in the granite below. Forbidding quantum generators- incredible, quantum monuments of recorded infinite knowledge of who man is and what humanity may be beyond this time, beyond this era of knowledge and beyond a limited consciousness we hold on to. The site at Giza is a massive power centre for the transmission of Cosmic Christ and Divine Feminine, of divinity beyond words. It is here, we experience unique, quantum initiations where the Great Halls of Knowledge only reveal to those who may truly see in time, out of time, beyond all time. Here, this initiation is only consciousness- no rituals. For me, it is the world’s most sacred, cosmic epi-centre beyond all sacred center’s.

27th September 2017