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Ascension Teachings 14: Looking to Our Hearts

We should be looking to our hearts, to loving ourselves and to loving the planet and loving other human beings. And when we dedicate to that very simple practise, we begin to connect and when we connect, we are in a very simple way profound healers at every dimension of our lives. And this alignment is a geometry that fits, that is perfectly balanced, that connects and fits with all. That’s powerfully impactful. But it’s very important that we understand what it is so that we can maintain it. And I think that’s what’s fascinating about these times because these times are designed by 3D to be highly stressful and highly turbulent. So, we’ve got much more seriously, heavily manipulated world events that create both collective and personal drama. And drama is the reality that creates our healing agendas however our healing agendas are manifest. Drama attacks our life source and our resource, which in turn, attacks and compromises our energy systems, which in turn forces us to live in a 3D reality, which is why we become immensely unhappy and unhealthy. So, it’s immensely important to align with resource and reality that is so much more powerfully positive and healthy. Beyond that your practise can ensure you are alive, well, happy, strong and powerful enough to be able to withstand living in the 3D.

24th September 2017