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Ascension Teaching 8: The Law of Evolution

It is essential that we first transform ourselves with immaculate inner work and mentors that way-show. I am indeed concerned with fragile acceptance ETS- or hybrids or greys IS IT. Our evolution is totally bound in THE LAW OF EVOLUTION- those HIGHEST FREQUENCY Guardians of EVOLUTION can not step forward until we use free will to acknowledge wound and dream. To explain we must immaculately transform- awake and aware. THIS IS CONTINUOUS WORK passed over life times. We must know truth and transformation within ourselves first. Our lives and reality must no longer project wound, in disconnect and low frequency. When we do this- WE OPEN DOORS- we know when we are in the direct experience and presence of intelligence beyond. We are changed forever because we have earned the right for universal education. It is essential to get our reference points totally right. TRUTH. This means absolutely going beyond 3D, 4D….and continuously checking what obstructs our evolution and frequency- engineered enslavement programming. Simple, clever, tricky.

28th July 2017