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Ascension Teaching 45: Pyramids of Japan

As usual the direct experience is ONLY what it takes. I am working on an exceptional speakers circuit but so many speakers DO NOT VISIT SITES OR HAVE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE!!! BIG NO NO! During these unprecedented, high calibre evolutionary opportunities- our energy systems need to be fully recalibrated- beyond 3D programming- that includes an elitism around 3D learning and data excess. When do we grow and question the foundations of knowledge- we have built? Power-sites allow us to investigate, enter sacred initiation and ascension processes, contact and unconventional learning. Of course all meta-physics- you can not do this by conventional learning methods or a youtube blogger who has no direct experience. We need at this time to dismantle the false reality matrix and that includes our intelligence, programming and the limitations placed upon KNOWING THE TRUTH. I am visiting the pyramids of Japan- the site of earliest BUDDHISM. WOW! Japan is home
to multiple megalithic stone circle sites, land pyramids, ocean pyramids, and a labyrinth of highly sophisticated energy pathways, corridors and gateways that are mainstream acknowledged as star-gates. I have visited Japan up to seven times a year since 2011. It is part of ramping up the earth and humanity in to high, high frequency.

26th February 2018