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We are experiencing massive ascension and evolutionary opportunities. There are powerful contracts in place and that means immaculate timing that opens merging timelines and revolutionary evolution. Here we quantum jump our previous pedestrian wound resonant contracts. We are enabled by time, thrown into the sacred contracts that comprehensively overhaul outstanding contracts of healing and simultaneously repair our timelines. We require stunning timeline and ascension technicians and mentors to show us the way. The ascension warriors are fearless reality creators and pioneers. They travel the timelines. They can work and illuminate

Revolution and evolution is placed in our attachments and detachments. My journeys take me into the sacred weave and living destiny. What I experience always moves me to outer limits experiences. These profound cultural and spiritual journeys overhaul conventional attachments at every dimension of life. What I discover and uncover as the bond of humanity is a quest for good. What I see is every challenge is definitely worth it for those human beings willing to stand on the outer limits and beyond conventional. 16th May 2018