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These months of 2018 have been extraordinary. I have been initiated into earth wisdom secrets beyond the laws of negative patriarchy and toxic elitism. These laws contaminate sacred wisdom, earth wisdom and realities beyond our greatest sacred and complete dreams. Our sacred destiny is calling us. Our reality and how we create it being called into profound evaluation. We are being called to question our own human resource and sovereignty and how it is employed in the False Matrix. Our intelligence is being called into question. The questions we must

I am sacred- called into creating a new arena of events and star-gates training. Sacred Woman will be one such quest. I am excited as my guidance is directing Ultimate Ascension Training. I sit in silence as I balance service to humanity and the excitement of what is to be. I am currently in Japan weaving DESTINY READINGS and initiating The Sacred Journey with Ancient Egypt wisdom practices. Here we enter the zone of sacred alchemy and merging timelines. Here we have choice and exceptional possibilities. Here we experience self

Elite power agenda has created many false flags and negative attachments to misinformation and bogus values. These include the doctoring of compassion, awareness, love and respect. Our brothers and sisters are marginalised by our own programming. If we do not carefully scrutinise and overhaul what we have inherited IT IS INEVITABLE that we recreate the past as our future even if we do not wish to. I have been working with truth. It is my life mission to go beyond what we have known as reality first as individuals then

The New Frontier brings a merging of timelines. As Sacred Warriors and Guardians of a New Sovereignty as a species our awareness must now recognise and respond to the horror of ALL INEQUALITY that justifies war, domination, misinformation, elite power agendas of any kind. This journey starts within our own beliefs. Awareness is critical to call out and respond on an IN LIFE BASIS. Being more awake and more present ensures that we SEE and LISTEN. Register the bias agendas. This week I found myself in what could have been a

The potential of reality and realities is about to go universe-sky-high and THAT MEANS OUTER LIMITS. For those of you powering in mission and the discipline of solid and authentic inner/outer reality - THIS IS YOUR TIME! We are lucid dreaming and dropping in to the universe of timelines merging in an ocean of sacred love. Every potential merges. Then sacred and zero-point weave their exceptional presence. We are fully initiated and worthy of direct-experience sacred reality and sacred-presence. Like a sacred ocean and resonant weave we initiate as creators-

If we PRACTICE STILLNESS we can finally resolve wound-trauma and wound-drama. We read many posts and respond to truth and misinformation. During powerful corridors of ascension initiation- it is of primary importance to practice stillness. This develops listening and fine-tunes your truth compass- both inner and external. We misfire less and attach less to illusion, misinformation and FALSE MATRIX AGENDA. THIS IS CRITICAL DURING THESE TIMES. Please note- your process writes and rewrites a narrative and frequency- THIS IS YOUR REALITY. This is THE JOURNEY. These times require exceptional INNER

A good teacher will guide you to your unique destiny where your lessons of life are your guide and wisdom. Initiating this path is a fragile one as you must navigate the FALSE MATRIX & ELITE POWER AGENDA that carefully manipulates your reality. We have blond spots that misfire our take on who we are and what reality is. Our GUIDES must be FALSE MATRIX FREE. This means exceptional teachers. It concerns me in this current data overload where there is a misleading KNOW-IT-ALL perception because one has read or

The zero point is critical in every cycle, of life and death, of day and night, of breakdown and breakthrough. It was believed that during The Equinox, the exact zero point between two cycles, opens a portal or gateway between earth and cosmos through which Divinity radiates.It is here, we can influence our reality and future. This is The Source Codes gateway. The gateway to magnificent manifestation.The exact alignment of The Great Pyramid during Spring Equinox falls on 21/22 March and creates no shadow. This is the date on which

THE 5D CHECKLIST- ASCENSION NOW SPRING EQUINOX 2018. 1: self-evaluation NO BULLSHIT. FULL SELF-DISCLOSURE & TRUTH. 2: surrender- that means ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. 3. Here comes LOVE 4. Into SACRED 5. REALITY CHECK- your live feed takes on energetically tangible values of love and integrity, high frequency journeys, rejection of wound attachment, promotion and projection. Life pulsates, dances, ease-manifests. YOU ARE PAINTING YOUR STORY. 6. 100% SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, NO FAKERY OR TRICKERY, NONSENSE, SUPERFICIAL, GAME PLAYING, NO IMITATION 20th March 2018