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Daily practise has to be about resolving those 3D issues we compete with on a day-to-day basis in terms of who we choose to be or who we allow ourselves to be. We get into 3D, we get disconnected with our authentic self and our authentic resource. We lose touch and base with our innate wisdom, our innate power. We lose touch with that resource that could quite easily direct us in far healthier choices, especially in terms of love and loving relationships and loving individuals. That's quite important. Time and

When we unlock The Source Codes you start to live your true story, your mission! This is an exciting idea, it means more of us living our purpose and loving it. This high frequency shift improves every single dimension of life! It takes us into true loving and positivity so that we can contribute to making the world a better place! These ancient technologies deliver a high frequency that is creates outstanding miracles, positive solutions, human collaboration, constructive contribution, fulfilment of human potential and the big one- a new frontier

If we can personally navigate all of our own stories, once you understand that then you're designed to navigate the bigger picture stories. What needs to happen within the context of what I believe is a spiritual revolution, which it is, the revolution is actually in believing we can create it. The revolution is in being aware, it's about waking up. It's about recognising how we take that opportunity in terms of our future and we navigate ourselves intelligently. It's all about choosing it. You can't fake it, you have

The more you build your self-love resource, then the more powerful you are to be able to hold the space, so that you attract what you truly deserve. One of the key areas of research I work with is the divine feminine archetype and why it has been deleted and why it's being deleted in terms of our connexion and our commitment to nurture it within ourselves as women. What happens is that often we're programmed as women to be men. That's very much the product of last century. We need

The Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt were designed to hardwire and amplify power of divinity and universe within individual and world. This is the path of initiate and pharaoh. Today, Giza is still a global epi-center of an infinite wisdom seed of humanity. The brilliant white limestone casing is alabaster or limestone calcite originated as liquid, ANKH uAS is ‘sap of life’ and ANKH is ‘life’. Alabaster is white pure or clear. Calcite alabaster is found as a stalagmite deposit, from limestone caverns connected with archaic ritual, or travertine in

What you’ve got to remember is we have free will on the planet. So, if we can’t acknowledge ourselves, then we don’t have free will. And acknowledging ourselves means that we must recognise all parts of ourselves, and all parts of our history, and all parts of our human nature, and all the realities, and all the stories. And that shows us the way when we’re operating authentically. And when we choose the right way, the path of truth, the path that is about the heart then we begin to

Sit in your sun. This simple evolutionary practice- locks you in immense light and transformation. Don't go anywhere but here. We need you here to help make world a better place. The power of the solar path transforms. There is no place for wound projection. This is the greatest suffering of humanity. Our greatest work is acknowledgement then we heal. Then we can listen to and create our most sacred path. 5th October 2017

5D means you're awake, you're listening, you're aligned with your purpose, you're aligned with a really strong sense of who you are and what reality is. And that will make you far more likely to follow your true and highest frequency path, and an ever increasing highest frequency purpose and destiny. So, your purpose is your divinity, your divinity is your purpose. Your purpose is your divinity, your divinity is your purpose. And in that reality, you will maintain optimum health, optimum well-being. You're supercharging the potential of the mind,

What is awareness? Awareness is the function, the ability to be able to take total self responsibility. Awareness practice and awareness journeys take us through the layers of ourselves that reveal the truth of who we are. It also takes us through an incredible journey where our compass is reset, reactivated, empowered, strengthened so we can navigate through the stories of the world we exist in. Awareness gives us 100% choice because it helps us to navigate right from wrong. 4th September 2017

What is duality? Duality is something that is a reality when our life force is corrupted by toxic stories. It locks us out of amazing dreams. Our foundation of ourselves, the stories of ourselves, the love for ourselves should be primary. These stories are corrupted which affect the value of ourselves. This intern creates duality where the dream, the truth is so difficult to manifest. Duality is always a frequency issue and when we start to reintroduce far greater cohesion and oneness, we begin to overwrite that virus. 2nd October 2017