Keynote Speaker, Avatar + New Earth Contact

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Keynote Speaker, Avatar + New Earth Contact

Zen Awakening Festival are honoured to announce the 2018 keynote speaker for Zen Awakening Festival, the incredibly high frequency Tracey Ash will be teaching the following:

Initiating you in a new frontier weave of high frequency intelligence and transmissions. This is the revolution in individual and collective Ascension, Sacred Destiny and Wound Recalibration. Reality Upgrades, Meta-Physics, Synchs and Manifestations are yours.
This Ascension Ceremony will ramp up miracles and magic for your entire Festival experience and life to unfold. This is THE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION.
We believe in every individual’s sovereign right to sacred matrix overhaul. Here you jump the False Matrix and Timelines. THE SACRED GATEWAY IS OURS. We mobilise in spirit, soul and sacred destiny. We aid each other,synchronising and synthesising revolutionary vision of humanity and one.
This will be a phenomenal audience experience that impacts our earth grid in a new dream for healing earth and humanity.
We dedicate to increasing light and frequency for world change and spiritual revolution. We are no longer alone in our quest. It is time, it is destiny, it is now.

Book your 3 day GA/ Camping ticket today for ONLY $77 :


Our lives must mow be extraordinary. This STAR GATE KEEPER takes you on extraordinary and unprecedented inner and outer journeys. A phenomenal and gifted meta-physical and spiritual childhood, she has always known our earth and reality would one day be revolutionised. That time has come. As a gate keeper in life and at death, she entered training in meta-physics at seventeen when prophesies, dreams and contact increased and confirmed her future and destiny.
With thirty years experience she is one of our leading Ascension, Sacred Destiny and Contact Pioneers delivering mind-blowing ascension and transformation experiences. She is acknowledged to own the best REAL UFO footage in the world. She has been researched by CSETI and owns a phenomenal library of contact photographs and films that challenges spiritual convention and reality outer limits. She works and researches star-gates and ancient sites unlocking revolutionary ancient intelligence, mind-blowing contact experiences and the secrets and technologies that revolutionise our existence on earth. This is the ascension and contact training that is definitively new frontier. It essential and unprecedented. It manifests miracles that transform our existence and capacity for genuine love and contribution. Her passion is sharing this message at premier global conferences and in ancient-sites training dedicated to sacred love, meta-physics and our sacred reality. She has been researched by EMOTO & awarded PSI JAPAN honorary membership.

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